IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For April 26, 2021

to the entire IBD International Team Live from Minneapolis – Good Morning on a rainy day and Monday Happy Monday Scott! Good morning. GM Taher Ticker of the day BRZN Or BNSN? Good morning! Hi Blaine! Good morning, Is there a problem with MarketSmith, I tried putting in symbols but won’t recognize. Thanks Hi Hieu, we are not seeing problems w/ MS right now; could you pls clear your cache memory? And, pls reboot MarketSmith? That should help. good morning from Toronto, loving George B selection Relaxing tune Love George Benson! Nice choice for sure Harold – MarketSmith question – ~45 min before open MS clears the price/vol data from G250 and list. Is it possible to delay this until just before the open? Unfortunately, there is no way to delay price/ vol reset. Only thing I can suggest is to export the list to Excel Breezin’ through a GREAT morning! Ha ha! Yes, let’s do it Ron! Good Morning from Sunny Liverpool New York – Just Love IBD live – and so does my my Bank Account. For the 1,000th time – Thanks you guys are great!!!! Very nice to hear Leslie, thank you! Good morning from Chicago . . . . What an interesting week this will be of earnings and market reactions . . . . Certainly Good Morning Gemco shoppers! Enjoying this throwback tune. I’ll be heading over to Levitz after to look for a new Lazy Boy! Ha ha, Shane, funny comment! And, LZB having a good day today! Uptrend intact Jazz Fusion…only in America the trail blazing nation!! Well said! This has the feel of George Benson on guitar . . . . You called it! Good morning. Nice tuneage. My wife and I saw Benson at the Bottom Line in Manhattan in about 1976 or 77. Nice memory… Thanks for playing it. Now that’s a concert I would have liked to attend! Thanks Wayne. Hatman OK down to business. With earnings coming up what is my move with ATRK 1% gain and PII 9% gain? That’s a nice cushion with PII. Don’t know the ATRK symbol. Good morning and welcome back! Hi Paul! Welcome back as well! Good morning from Long Island. Hey Glenn Great music choice Harold We have many jazz fans on Live Morning all! Thoughts on SCCO? Southern Copper. Consolidating below 50-day line for now. Needs more work. Good Morning all, from Vermont Hi Shane, welcome! “Thanks for the George Benson. Can we look at STLD? buy point? play off 21 day line? Thanks” I say yes. I has formed a 4-weeks tight. Nope it was 1974. Time flies! Ha! Doesn’t it! Good morning, how do i access the IBD live watch list? Hi Cobi! On the page. Detailed instructions can be found at 🙂 GM Team. I think I see a 3-week tight on SPY. That has me interested in going Long on UPRO. Any comment are welcome. Thanks -PaulG If it were closer to the 21-day I would consider it. Already 5% extended from the 50-day. 6% is where it is likely to pull back. Gang, do you all give any more leeway during a handle?? If you buy at a pivot point at the completion of a cup and it forms a handle… you give a little more downward leeway than 7% sometimes? I’ll add this to today’s poll. Thanks, Scott! AFRM is a stock Jason mentioned a couple of months ago. It now has an IBD fund sponsor and looks like it is starting to move from a bottom. If it clears 85.19, it will be above a previous trading range and probably above the 50 Day. It fell 57% from its high, which means it’s a broken stock for now. Not our approach to bottom fish. Good Morning! Is APPL a buy today on the new facilities news in US? Looks like a handle may be in the works for AAPL? Would you be playing TNA? Looks challenging for where to set stop. 50 day would be my first idea but there has been lots of recent support just below the line. If you set stop below there, position size begins to drop to a level where it becomes less meaningful. Seems challenging to design a good trade strategy on this one. Thoughts? why not use the 4/22 low? Jason mentioned AFRM on IBD Live. Yes. But two months ago it had not fallen 57%. Anything more than a 40% results in a base that is highly likely to fail. We typically wait until the following base. If you have conviction about the stock you could buy now and size the postion off the recent low. if tsla break out after earnings, will it a buy? live answered What was Justin’s stock pick? CDNS Hi Justin, what-is a decent cushion going into quaterly? minimun of 5% Hi Justin and Team – Given the multitude of earnings releases, which Leveraged ETFs might you be looking at this week that might be setting up? live answered TPX at pivot Kind of limping through the pivot. Earnings due Thursday before the open. SE at pivot live answered As a LT Leader does Veev look actionable off of it’s 50 day line? Also, does it look like the buyers from the 2/22 are about done selling? No it does not. Needs to show more signs of accumulation. whats the 3x russell ticker symbol? TNA can we take a look at NVDA please Interesting stock. Just below last buy point but holding 600 level and above 21-day exponential moving average (588) TIGR rocking getting some resistance at its 50-day moving average. What does the team this of GS? Great example of tight, flat base with support at 10-week line. Looks good. FBC nice gap up today! Indeed. Love gaps above 50-day. Looks great. SWKS approaching pivot Breaking out – but AAPL and SWKS earnings are on tap this week. in the earning calender, how to approach earning trade with options. Buy a call at strike price as long as premium is less than 4%? less than 4% of underlying stock price at the time. Here’s the latest Earnings Preview story that explains the strategy: Ali….The side by side issue continues to be a problem even with uninstalling and reinstalling the latest release of Zoom. Have you had any luck with with Zoom support? I am so so sorry about this, Steve. We aren’t getting widespread complaints about this issue but definitely want to figure it out. Can you reach out to our customer service team? SWKS looks like breakout canidate here, thoughts? absolutely a breakout. Good volume, holding near highs. Please include SCHW in today’s discussion… 2nd test of 10-week line. Looks great. fcx reclaims pivot I think the buy point is now 39.14 – new handle – but nice bounce. Is there a spot on IBD to find all of these cool index etf’s? There are so many industry focused ones out there. Thanks I recently updated my list: AGQ, ARKF, ARKG, ARKK, ARKQ, ARKW, ARKX,ASHR, BIB, BRZU, CIBR, CLDL, COPX, CPER, CURE, DFEN, DIG, DPST DRN, DUSL, EDC, EEM, ERX, EWG, EWH, EWJ, EWT, EWY, EWZ, FAS, FCG, FNGU, FXI, GBTC, GDXJ, GLD, GUSH, IAU, IBUY, ICLN, IGV, IJH, INDL, IPAY, ITB, IWM, JNUG, KRE, KWEB, LABU, LIT, MDY, MIDU, MJ, NAIL, NUGT, PBW, PICK, QQQ, REMX, RETL, SIL, SKYY, SLX, SMH, SOXL, SPXL, SQQQ, TAN, TNA, TPOR, TQQQ, TZA, UBOT, UCO, UCYB, UDOW, UNG, UPRO, URA, USO, UVXY, UYG, UYM, VXX, WEBL, XHB, XLB, XLC, XLE, XLF, XLI, XLK, XLY, XME, XOP, XRT, XTN, YINN STLD?? Looking good and actionable. X is braking out I wouldn’t use the old buy point because it fell more than 8% below it. STLD is the leader. copper miners are doing well today: fcx, scco FCX looks stronger today and actionable. Can we look at DE? passed 381 live answered CMG – has this fizzled for now? What should we look for to renew interest? I’d wait until the RS line and Rating improves. Why buy if it’s lagging the S&P? can you show the cat please? I’d love to. But the cat was clawing the couch and my wife was … expressing her displeasure. KLIC moved up strongly on Friday. Albeit early today, it is moving again. It looks extended, but how do you play any stock that may run awhile before taking a break or pulling back? You would have to buy a smaller postion. It’s already 13% above the 10-day. You would need to withstand a pullback to that line as well as the 21 and 50, which are even further below. Thoughts on SNAP? Nice rally into the close Friday. Disappointing action today though. Would you look at TECH? Looks extended now after initial move over 404.91 entry. Chris! That’s great. Thank you so much. I copied and pasted into a spreadsheet and I’ll dig into them later. Very much appreciated my friend! Enjoy! IR at a buy point. Any thoughts ? Limping through the buy point. Would like to see more power. in light of PFPT in cybersecurity going private up 30% == HACK etf is breaking a downtrend… buyable? I’d call it an aggressive entry. Small to start. how about NVDAor LRCX live answered Is DXCM coming back? I think it was a leader last year. Impressive rally in recent weeks but not much volume. It’s definitely basing, though, and on the mend. DE at a buy? live answered SNAP has just pulled back and be of interest Nice buying the stock late Friday. Disappointing price action today, though. JETS broke a down trend. What do you think of this space right now? looks like it’s still on a downtrend to me…I’d like to see it get above its 4/14 intraday high. OZON can you trust Russian Accounting? That’s always been my reluctance to go big on Russian stocks. FCX – can you comment on recent action and whether its a strong buy today? Based on 37.71 entry, it’s still in buy range. Steel producers seem to be moving today. STLD is breaking out on big volume. live answered INMD? Such a strong stock but way too extended. Dear hat man: I like your long term cover call for TSLA. Beside p200 rice >100% above 200 day line and long term capital gain. Do you also use Delta or other perimeter? Thnak you RC, thank you for the comment and Q! For this option trade, I didn’t look at the delta, in part because I am not very knowledgable about all the Greeks. I felt, given the move by TSLA in Nov, Dec and early Jan, it seemed a great time to sell a covered call that was way out of the money, but still commanding a juicy premium. Plus, the market was hot in January, so I figured the premium and IV (implied volatility) were at some form of peak. Just to be clear, I sold the Jan 2022 covered call, $1,700 strike, at $103.94. This call is now at $20.35. Perhaps I should also watch deltas more carefully, too? Cheers, Hatman Dave IS TX extended ? opinion please Clearing a shelf above a prior base. But it has earnings Tuesday. XME is about to break out of a base on base. What do you think? looks solid, agree, but not much volume today. If you try to copy and paste Chris’ ETF list into MS, I found it captured the comments at the top so paste first into Notepad then recopy just the ticker symbol list. Create a new list in MS and paste into the whitespace. Great info! Thanks Chris! You can also paste into a spreadsheet. Clicking in the whitespace is the key. intersting morning action for LII ==don’t buy at the open, works again Hi Greg! Oh, that’s not a pretty move lower, surely. Also interesting: It briefly tested the 319.87 proper buy point, and now it’s trying to hold the 21-day EMA, a key short-term technical level. Cheers, Hatman Dave — UPST is up 4% today. Thoughts? Hi Tamara, I like this rebound off the 50-day MA too. This one is super-wild, yet this is indeed a 2nd rebound off the 10-week moving average, so that’s good overall. At this point, I’d be watching for a new good base to develop after this move from $20 IPO to 160 peak! Dave — and Hi, Should I be looking at regression lines on S&P500 in addition to Nasdaq to determine my exposure? It can’t hurt. I haven’t done it but it would be interesting. APAM? APAM back in a buy zone – but earnings due Tue. PII >> What’s Leaderboard’s strategy going into earnings tonight? Our profit cushion is close to 8% which is OK headed into earnings. We will be discussing. Like the action of other leading stocks in the group (BC, FOXF, YETI) please look at hznp live answered ALI — HZNP . . . waiting for volmne, but moving into buy zone. live answered HZNP – soft breakout today. Too close to earnings? live answered Is it possible to discuss how to add different moving average in MS chart. Hi there! We have info on this on our FAQ page at Check out the “How Do I” section! ABNB Here’s the latest IBD take, thanks — What is the little green/red triangle symbol close to the EPS change means? Estimates either revised higher (green) or lower (red) SNAP has huge volume lately. What about sponsorship? Great sponsorship. The funds came in and supported it at the 50-day on Friday. Let’s see if they step in today. HZNP — Note: This will be its fifth straight day up, thus, one needs to be careful with position sizing. Good point MOS as well. Looks good? Acting nicely. Getting extended. I would not buy here with earnings next Monday. any thought on PGNY’s action? Bad action on 4/19; rallying back in light volume. Not my favorite chart. Harold’s comments very helpful, insightful. Thanks! Harold knows his CAN SLIM stuff Is NUE good for a swing trade. Earnings are behind it and it looks like if it can break past 80 it can possibly be used a a support when 80 was resistance in the past. We went with STLD on SwingTrader but a lot of the stocks in the group look good, including NUE. Justin – standard 2×4 has increased from $2.50-8.50 with highre lumber cost I know! It’s crazy. Contracts are being written up with disclaimers to account for movement in lumber prices. Trex is makes composite wood not wood. Strong move to use that instead of wood because low mainyainance I think it looks great, even years after installing. is there an ETF in the home construction area that are good alternatives to include TREX? ITB and NAIL, which is leveraged. Is there a small bank or independant bank index? KRE is for regional banks. DPST is the leveraged version. Can you please analyze UPST? Like to upside volume at the 50-day line but not seeing it with UPST. Making a pretty good case for support, nonetheless. VCEL was one of Mark’s failed breakout but retook 60 I would wait until it it takes out the reversal high. KARO – IPO breaking out. Thoughts? Personally, have an issue with a company named ‘Karooooo’ (who advised them on that?), but hey! 🙂 Tiny company and prone to volatile price swings. Not my cup of tea. Too easy to get whipped around. Have you discussed ZS? could be a Minervini cheat entry?? Looks interesting if it takes out 199.50. FDX is a good example of today’s winnning poll question. live answered Since the overall market determines so much of what happens to stock price performance, I’m concerned about new purchases in this market envirnoment. I’d like to hear the panel address how wise or unwise it is to avoid new purchasess now. Thank you We’re buying right now because we’re in an uptrend. The S&P could extended if it gets more than 6% above the 50-day. QQQ can go above 7% before it tends to pull back. is the % change in the upper right corner is an estimate to the end of day or current volume? likewise, is the volume bar current or end of day estimate? It’s current volume based on the average. We are going to change it to average volume within the day, which will give us a better estimate on where volume will be at the close. Just a BIG Thank You. IBD Live has allowed me to become a much better trader by getting me more objective and holding my Greed-Fear factor at bay. Thanks so much, Jon. Cheers. Thoughts about TGT downtrend over the past week? live answered Would you please share DPST entry price on LB? It just says aggressive entry near 247 257.50 was the exact entry. Winnebago Ind. (WGO) – actionable? Rebounding from 50-day line/breaking a downtrend – so I’d say it’s actionable as an early entry. Please look at AAPL and the neighbor bases with the 3 weeks tight, earnings in w days anew tech center announcement live answered MSFT has been trading in a tight range…opportunity to add here ?? Earnings too close; results due Tuesday after the close. Could the team please weight in on what action today would make them more bearish on the market? Harold mentioned that there was a lot of money on the sideline. What is using as a guage for that statement? I was looking at the move in Utilities vs QQQ since march 1 LAZY No name calling, Lee! Just kidding. My concern with LAZY is that it’s very thin. Don’t get me wrong, you can get powerful moves from stocks like this but if you get selling, you can see dramatic drops. But powerful compared to normal volume today. Are the moving averages in MS set by the previous days close? Or do they move during the trading day? Thanks They move during the trading day. Justin mentioned looking at the ‘blue bar / red bar’ counts. Is the U/D Vol Ratio a good proxy for this? Sometimes. Up/down doesn’t take the closing range into account. A bar that shows a big reversal but still closes slightly down, which is positive in our view, gets counted as negative in the Up/Down ratio. Can you take a look to HZO? Still basing, don’t see a new entry yet. Good to see it back above 50-day line w/ some volume. Related to THO discussion, isn’t the volume drying up a sign of diminishing selling, setting course for an uptick with a little more buying? Not sure I get the significance of dropping volume. Yes. That’s good. But you want to see the volume come in with power when it starts moving above resistance as evidence that the institutions are getting involved. Justin and Team – What’s the Average Daily $ Volume threshold you use for screening — that’s below Swingtrader level, but may be suitable for personal trades? Thank you. For SwingTrader we go for over $100 million. Personal trades I usually look at $20 million avg. dollar volume as my cut off. But I always go a little lower on my screens because I want to be aware of things coming up. CWH is breaking out. RVs I should have mentioned that one as well. Thanks! Any thoughts on QFIN? It’s retaking the 50 day in low volume. No blue volume spikes since March, so not on my radar. SAM selling off today Citigroup downgrade to neutral from buy; 1,395 PT Can we look at GOOGL and MSFT, both have earning tomorrow. Thanks Both remain on Leaderboard for now. thoughts about airbnb downturn Just one to watch untill it retakes the 50-day, which is now trending lower. buy NIO here? Not our style to buy under a declining 50-day. If you’re really want to give it a try you could size your position off the 200-day. Also note there is a lot more down volume than up volume since late February. FSLY looks interesting here Below a downtrending 50-day line, below its 200-day. Not our style. shipping stocks, zim? ZIM acting great, solid gain from a narrow IPO base at 22.68. Transport-Ship group now ranked No. 3. YETI down on low volume today. Retail investor profit taking? If it undercuts Friday’s low bad sign? Looks fine. Just riding the 10-day higher. CRWD – Can you “cheat” and take an early position in CRWD as it forms the right side of the cup? You can always cheat. It’s 10% above the 10-week, which is a little much for a cheat. Also look at the weekly chart. All red spikes above the 10-week average volume line. No blue spikes. PGNY got added to an S&P INDEX that day live answered PGNY was joining midcap live answered I believe PGNY was added to SP 400 That’s what it was. Thank you! i think the midcap one live answered How do you buy in the gap at earning? Is there a special buy order to catch the price only if it gaps? We typically wait 5 minutes to see how that first bar looks. If it’s positive, we start building a position. Go back and see how WSM acted on its breakaway gap. MSFT earnings -hold? Hi Andre, Hatman here. I hold MSFT in a few accounts and plan to hold. thoughts on PII We are discussing PII, Scott, as it is a half posn in Leaderboard. Our paper gain is roughly 8% going into tomorrow’s a.m. report. I have a feeling we will hold. If Polaris pulls back, we would like to see buyers come in at the pivot and the 10-week MA. Great job everyone! Cheers Hat Man II

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