IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For May 17, 2021

to the entire IBD Live International Team – a magnificent Midwest Monday morning – coming to you Live from Minneapolis! Happy Monday to you too Mr Stevens! GM from Phoenix. How is FUTU looking going into earnings. Thanks Good morning Patrick. FUTU is stuck below the a declining 10-week moving average. I would draw a downtrend line across the tops and wait until it breaks out of the downtrend. Good morning from Chicago. Two weeks from today . . . we will all be sleeping! Have a great Monday! Yes, you are right! Keep that on the calendar for sure. GM Peter ABBV ? In the buy zone, but low RS and has been underperforming since 2018. CZR was on my list. looks pretty good. LUV looks good too LUV poked above a downtrend on Friday. Looks good to go. Good morning! Hope everyone has ENJOYED a WONDERFUL weekend!! In Malibu area, just east of Topanga Canyon (great hiking spot) we had a fire that may have been arson-related, but we’ve been benefitting from cooler weather, it’s been nice Bob. Hope you had a great wknd! Hatman Dave Good morning. 🙂 GM Nik Any on the staff Hedged? My TQQQ postion is partially hedged. Letting my other stocks run. Chris- when you size off the 10 wk/50d -since your risk amount is tbut your stop loss % may be say 10% – do you adjust your profit target to maintain a 3:1 profit target say to 30%? Also are your ave % losses going to be greater thereby skewing your stats (ave loss % vs ave gain %) ? Good questions. I don’t adjust my profit target because the 10-week line will start moving up. I rarely get stopped out soon after the initial purchase. I actually take fewer losses using this strategy. is T a buy then? It looks so. A hard to see handle on this saucer-like base formed from the 4/22 high of 31.89, 31.99 buy point. The 5% buy zone goes up to 33.59. Looking at a weekly chart, this is clearly a first-stage base. Still well below its 2019 peak near 40. Full Disclosure: I do manage an account w/ a long-term holding in T. Hatman Dave Good Morning Team, Any views on NVST? Hi Neil, GM; really nice uptrend since breaking out past 24.41 in its 2nd attempt in early Oct. As this is a dental services play, perhaps I’d be watching how ALGN, PDCO and fellow medical equipment plays are acting. The former tried to break out but this latest attempt hasn’t worked out. I’d keep an eye on the leaders in both Medical-Systems/Equipment and Medical-Products industry groups, as well as how the groups do. Hatman Dave — COST? Breakout! Good eye Leslie. 375.54 pivot point, so it’s still in the 5% buy zone. The RS line is still way depressed below its all-time peaks, but rising. 44 RS Rating, to me, is not surprising as it took a long time to build its latest base, a 5-1/2 month cup with handle. Cheers, Hatman Dave WSM your thoughts on a bounce? Nice to see it get support. I’m still holding but nervous because another bad inflation headline will pushing housing and related stocks down again. GM Team… On Friday I asked: How to suppress volume subgraph in ToS please? The LiveTeam answer related to re-sizing, not suppressing. Now I find the exact solution here… FYI Thanks -PaulG Thanks for sharing Paul! As I noted before, I’ve been able to manually shrink the volume bars but was not aware of this “re-sizing” function. Thanks! Dave I read faq but still not sure how position sizing is calculated. Can you go over how that works for initial sizing? Thanks. Adding to the poll is TGLS showing high tight flag? Good eye, Anonymous. Last week’s action to me does look like a breakout from a high, tight, flag. From the low of 7.25 in the week ended 2/26, it rallied 101% over 8 weeks. For a textbook pattern, we want to see a 100% gain or more in 4 to 8 weeks, and a mild pullback in 2 to 4 weeks to form the flag. TGLS’ flag showed a 23% decline. A little deep but still within the range based on IBD’s research. Breakout point at 14.70, so ideally the 5% buy zone means it’s buyable up to 15.43. Impressive report for Q1, eps up 250%, sales up 27% to $110.9 mil. This strong change in fundamentals is important for the HTF. Cheers, Dave — Good Morning, thoughts on CELH. Thanks. Hi Suzanna, nice to see CELH climbing back above the 50-day MA right now; can it hold this technical level? Since Jan, Celsius has certainly been basing. No buy point has emerged for now. Let’s see if the daily and weekly swings tighten up and the stock gets closer to its 70.66 peak. Still 24% off that high. That’s too low within the base for a breakout to emerge. Hope this helps! Hatman Dave — Struggling to make money is an understatement in this environment Not the same as May of 2020, Jeffery, surely What about the NASDAQ commentary?! live answered CAT today Breakout past 237.88 buy point in a flat base. Still in buy range. and Gold etc, UNG, CCJ strong. Gold bumping its 200-day average. live answered Educational Q&A topic: Industry Group Rank Last week vs this week – G5313 – one stock – went from Ranked 45 last week to Ranked 27 this week. Trying to understand what is happening to the other industries around it that caused this industry to rise to 27 when nothing notable happened with that one stock. Thanks. Hi Yolanda, great Q. Hatman here. G5313, aka the retail/wholesale-office supply group is so small, w/ just one stock now at ODP, down from 2 to 4 in the past, that I’d like to see the stock added to a separate group and the group get deleted. Normally, when you have 20, 40 or 80 companies in an industry group and you see such a jump in the rankings, it’s more meaningful. A group can certainly rise if a lot of higher ranked ones fall more sharply for the week or two. Thanks for asking, cheers, Dave — If two or three stocks are equal with all indicators about the same how does one choose the stock that will accelerate the fastest over time? ..Prior History or the Prior Hightest High of the group. Adding to poll — thanks! NVDA closed on the high of big blue bar last Friday, bad look bad today, test 50-day MA. Should I buy it today, at 50-day MA point? Hi Phuong, Hatman Dave here. Great Q; you are totally right in that Friday’s rebound was significant for the reasons you noted. A rebound off the 50-day MA here, however, does not produce a buy point quite yet. The reason: you had a breakout attempt last month past 615, but that breakout failed. NVDA actually triggered the 8% loss-cutting sell rule for those who bought at the new buy point. We’d normally say the 50-day line or 10-week moving average rebound offers a secondary buy point or a chance to initiate a new position only when 1) the latest breakout is working; 2) the 50-day/10-week lines are rising and are higher than a base breakout price; and 3) market is in a solid confirmed uptrend. Full Disclosure: I do own shares. Cheers GM from Dubai. RLGY gapping up. Thanks for the heads up. RLGY – mentioned in Barrons live answered rlgy FEATURED IN bARRONS AS A BUY Thanks Don RLGY – major article in Barrons indicating good buy point for real estate Interesting, thanks Samsung-SM Ed, artcile in Barron’s Gotcha Barron’s STRONGLY RECCOMENDED IT. RLGY Thanks Dee looks like PLCE is breaking out….. live answered There was a story on RLGY on Barrons over the weekend Thanks Narayanan PRPL reported above consensus earnings this morning Hi James! Thanks for noting; so far a very nice reaction, and PRPL certainly needs to continue getting institutional buying support at the 200-day MA. Now, will the stock begin to rebound past its 50-day line too? Cheers, Hatman Dave — Ali – could you please switch to standard view as it allows subscribers to maximize charting screen space? Thanks ! Hmm, I wonder if she has set the view for participants to “Standard View.” I think this was the plan, Wayne – Dave Could we touch on QFIN – 360 Digitech? I’ll be more interested in this when it crosses the 50-day line. Earnings next week. Justin – FND – a leaderboard name – what are you thinking at these prices – Thanks We’re still holding it but certainly the stock needs to find strength at the 50-day MA right now. HD, LOW also testing institutional support at the 10-week moving average. ASML? Earnings? They reported last month. Chip equipment group down nearly 2% today after rising 3% Thursday and another 3% Friday. Please discuss CLF It’s lagging pretty badly in the steel producer group behind better performing names like Nucor, Steel Dynamics, Ternium, ArecelorMittal. Could look at 20.97 as alternate entry, but it flashed a sell signal from that buy point as well. Of late we see a lot of break outs fizzle out. Is it due to the choppy market or common occurence? Has IBD made any study regarding success vs faliure of the breakouts? Breakouts have the best chance of working after a meaningful market pullpack and bona fide follow-through day. That’s why breakouts worked so well after the Nasdaq and S&P 500 followed through powerfully in early April 2020. Actually Justin, SPG has had some nice moves on the monthly chart. Nice recovery in the works. Trying to hold above a 122.02 buy point, flat base. SM ….increase buy volume and +price change from consolideration Hi Gangaram, thanks for noting; this is an interesting looking chart! After a strong rally, it’s actually trying to form a base and tighter, quieter action would be a boon. Oil and gas firms holding up! NOV is another interesting chart, perhaps. Hatman Dave Can anyone please comment on what happened to SQ/ Hi Susan, this five-week slide certainly feels out of character in Square; Bitcoin’s slide seems to be having an impact. Right now, for long-term holders, getting support at the 40-week MA on a weekly chart (200-day on daily) is critical now. New base will develop. Cheers, Hatman Dave — TECH and its peer AVTR bounce from 50D MA with big volume. Any thoughts on this? Nice support for the 10-week MA for AVTR; can it retake the latest base’s entry of 31.15? Also, the 10-week moving average is currently at a lower price point, so this is technically not a buy point from the perspective of the 10-week line rebound. Last week’s reversal was positive, surely. On your Ready List, you have TECH. I am not sure if you mean TECK which has a better chart pattern and is on LB. TECH is on there as it tests support at the 50-day line. TECK also acting well, too. Outstanding articles in the E-IBD on energy and mining this weekend. Huge shout out for such a great read! Mahalo my Ohana! Will pass along to Reinhardt Krause who penned the story. These articles you mentioned from Rainhard (spl?) about Teck and Copper were very helpful! I will pass along your comment to Reinhardt GM Team. Is PFPT a good Long? or a good Short!? Thanks -PaulG PFPT is being acquired by private equity firm Thoma Bravo for $12.3 billion Ed – Any news on HZO? I don’t see anything today. Stock can move a lot day to day for sure. Disappointing breakout failure last week. Are there plans for either Minervini or Ryan to be back on? thanks. Absolutely! I believe David Ryan will be coming on again in early June. Where do i find “My Stock lists” section in website.. i can see it my mobile phone Two places. Click on Stock List in the main navigation and it’s the first choice. Or go to My Account and you’ll find it on the right side. Thoughts on DPST as a way to play the regional bank? It was working well, but last week when the inflation headlines hit it was up and down violoently. Right now KRE is a calmer approach. ALLY – FND – leaderboard stock in buy zone down 4% – any thoughts ??? Is this a level to add??? No. We’re trying to see if it can hold support. Looked OK on Friday, not so much today. Do you find yourself taking profits at the traditional pivots on the down sloping tredn lines? If its a early entry in a cup with handle, taking partial profits early, i.e. EWBC why are we looking at chip stocks that are non actionable? ASML was actionable on Friday. is sqqq a consideration since test of resistance at 10w failed? Still an inside day. I’m paying more attention to the S&P. then why did you add ASML on leaderboard on Friday then? Confusing Well, it was doing a lot of good things. It’s just a tricky market. RBLX: Clearly has the look of a stock being accumulated “The best stocks are hard to get into” // “Find a way in” // Please discuss what RBLX buy points you potentially see based on ? a similar IPO that came public after a considerable NASDAQ trend 77.89 is a potential entry – could soon be a handle entry in another volatile early base. PLCE b/o live answered Harold — is VSTO meeting expectatons as discussed last week? Its doing ok, got in last Friday, I have a very small profit DDS anyone? follow through looks decent…. live answered Can anyone comment on the Gold stocks? What has to happend before they are buyable? live answered RVLV : VOLUME IS NOT THERE agree, and still below 50-day line. Can we look at CLF? Thanks Not a fan of the wide and loose price action in the weekly chart. Breakout over alt entry of 20.97 failed but found support at 21-day EMA. Not a broken stock. Aggressive traders might nibble here with stop just below Friday’s low. Hi, in the industry group lists it gives today’s price change in $ only, not %. The dollar value is meaningless if you want to rank them. Any chances this could be changed? I have a Custom ind group layout, but it doesn’t allow you to change it on an industry group list. Just create a custom list layout and add % change to it. Where can I find a list of the different sectors ranked i order of strength? In the newspaper and eIBD. The stock tables are listed by sector strength. to Ali & Team – DEN is having a decent gain this morning, up around 5% to about 54.50; would anyone take a nibble on this leader in Oil & Gas Exploration group? live answered your thoughts on YETI today? its really down It’s down but after two strong days – and so far it’s finding support at its 21-day line. What about RF? We added it to Leaderboard Friday. Looks good. GLD is breaking out from its DTL live answered should we buy some GOLD because of inflation? live answered Please check $NUE live answered Hi Harold, are you still looking at UFPI? Yes, still looking at it. It needs to work its way above the 21 ema Not a CANSLIM name, but GLD is moving nicely live answered Looking at the agriculture sector and see that DAR has beed trading tightly with a strong RS line. Thoughts? That’s why we put it on SwingTrader. Still trying to get some traction. But getting support near the 50-day. RIO pls live answered Good morning IBD Team!  How close after a stock breaks the trend line should one buy?  Thank you so much 🙂 As close as possible. Then you pick your stop, either the reversal low or a moving average and, size your position accordingly. What are your thoughts on the Goldminers today GDX and GDXJ? live answered ed.. Thanks for a suggestion to do a comparision on etsy,,saved me a loss of 20K Great. I don’t remember what I said regarding an ETSY comparison, but very glad that it was helpful. GOOGL for a recent filling the gap example Good one. Maybe it’ll work now, but buying that recent gap led to a decent loss. Of course, most of that reflects market/tech weakness vs. GOOGL itself. Dave — Thanks , perhaps I’m using the wrong description. When you host the setting you use displays ONLY the individual speaking rather then ALL of the show’s participants in a gallery on the right side. The single speaker format affords the user the ability to enlarge the charts and maximize screen space for charts. Sorry for the confusion ! So you don’t have the option to click on Full Screen? ZIM any news or risk/impact from the current conflict in Israel? How can we evaluate that? Any articles in I’ll be honest … I hadn’t thought about that. I have no idea if the Israel-Hamas fighting is a risk for ZIM. Don’t know if it does much shipping around Israel/Mideast. DAR should we buy more or bail for SwingTrader? Don’t buy more. Getting support near the 50 day so we’re sticking with it for now. Well said Justin, you have to constantly stay engaged with the market even when it is gaining no headway. live answered SWBI breaking out Taking outo the reversal at 20.26 reversal but very little volume. FNKO is having a good morning. RS line at a new high. Price is at its highest point in two years. And volume is picking up. That is nice action. RS search strategies: go through a couple? There are screens of RS lines at new high at the IBD Stock Screener as well as the Growth 250 in MarketSmith. My favorite is the RS Blue Dot on MS. Justin you are missing IPI in David’s “Sir Dog” list live answered $CRCT back to unchanged. live answered An Ed trigger? Let’s talk about Elon Musk… ;-D We’re trying to wrap up the show! Good beginning of the week foray! Later Ali and company! Cheers Hat Man 2! Thanks Ed. Great comments today Cool

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