IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For May 19, 2021

BTC not too much different than TSLA in volatility. A lot of correlation between various ARK stocks, even if in very different industries. IQV was mentioned as being really tight; looks like COHR is just as good. Any thoughts? Thanks Coherent is being acquired … I think by II-IV after several companies bidding for COHR. With companies being taken over, you should either turn your focus to the acquiring company (unless it’s all/mostly cash). This market stinks. How about we sell everything, go to the beach and call it a day Works for me! Excellent having Brian today! We are looking forward to it. to Ed – we decided not to take a chance with earnings on ZIM (Zim Integrated Shipping) so we sold our position yesterday afternoon at $42, locking in a 50% profit. Report was good, but ZIM is only up 3% before opening. Hopefully it doesn’t sell off during the day. Alive in Mpls. Sold a fraction of my position around 42. We’ll see if ZIM or anything can stay positive with the market tumbling like this. How does Brian feel this market will develop? Historic comparisons? Adding to the poll. Thanks! Please have the host state the stock symbol! MGM, VMW, TWNK, FHN Irusha, there has been talks that AMZN has been talking to MGM about buying it. That’s MGM the movie studio, not MGM the casino operator. whats the ticker on the stock Brian gave VMW and TWNK 🙂 Yesterday you were talking about trend lines, for good or ill. How about ICHR looking at the chart about Noon yesterday when it was up for the day, and has the outlook changed much now? Thanks for all the help every day 🙂 The problem is the market. ICHR is in the process of forming a new base. Needs more time but 22% pullback so far looks relatively tame. Ken, if everyone is worried about inflation, why are oils, steel and copper all taking bigger hits than tech & NASDAQ stocks? Commodity prices are coming down – after huge runs. Might be concerns that super-high commodity prices will chill demand. Hi everyone! I think you have changed to uptrend under pressure “right on time”. Just few weeks after correction continued! If you have an advice to subscrivbers how to stay “in uptrend” while the market is going down would be great to hear! Thank you! Very difficult to make progress with market headwinds against you. Usually it’s about protecting capital and not getting hurt. Can you comment on AT&T news and action. BUY this news or sell? This doesn’t tempt me as a buy. Lousy relative strength line and that outside day reversal looks terrible. Can you use large screen for charts please, worked nicely yesterdays in Live. We are working with zoom on the settings. People seem to love the settings that David has when he hosts and we discovered he hasn’t updated his zoom version in a while so the other hosts are having difficulty duplicating what David has. Hello! Do distribution days which occur during the correction add to continuation fo correction? I mean if we are already in correction and such days continue to accumulate, does it mean we will go even more intensive correction or even a bear market? Or do they matter only before downtrend starts? Thank you. When the market is in a correction, distribution days are no longer shown in the Big Picture. Their value is really in giving you a warning on the way up that things could turn. Sometimes you can see a pile up of distribution days near bottoms as there is a capitulation. Hello, who is Brian? Brian Shannon is a highly regarded swing trader. He runs I thought the panel has been saying there are so many setups. Now the opposite. What gives. Up until a few days ago there were a number of set ups. But that’s faded this week. Tuesday’s weak close hit a number of promising stocks, with Wednesday’s joining that. Could you please comment on why commodities are being hammered today? Soaring commodity prices have fueled those stocks, but prices have retreated generally … perhaps on concerns that those high prices are pinching demand. (Weak housing starts Tue. suggested that was happening in housing at least.) Devon energy thoughts? Getting pulled down with the market. Watching 21-day EMA at this point All I see are the speakers. No charts Try adjusting your view settings in the upper corner of the Zoom window! Chris, are you hedging your positions w/ options? He uses futures. Heres a webinar he did on the topic: VMW has a short interest of 11.3 days Agree with Brian. Nice setup ahead of earnings. Over what time frame do you use the RS line? 2 weeks? 2 months? A different time frame? Thanks There is no time frame for the RS line. It looks at a stock’s price performance every day and compares it to the S&P 500’s performance. why is fcx declining Copper is down nearly 3% today. Mining/metals stocks selling off. any idea why chip stocks are down; there is such a shortage. Example: car makers cannot get enough chips to finish autos Generally, the chips we’re talking about are very cheap chips – not the superduper Nvidia graphics cards. In some cases, the chip shortage can hurt chipmakers … because automakers/consumer electronics cut production due to the cheap chip shortfall. In addition to general sell-off, other factors hitting chips – Taiwan Covid woes hurting that key chip center. Also, crypto plunge could hit certain chipmakers. CZR moves almost identical to MGM but better Sales. Does it make CZR more attractive, if one has to pick one from another? Personally, I prefer CZR’s to MGM right now – but I don’t like much right now. Ken, Thank you for your answer, but that was not my question. I understand how the RS line is calculated. My question is how do you interpret it? What time frame do you use it for? For example, If it goes sideways for 2 months and then goes up strongly for 2 weeks, is that long enough to consider it to be a “rising RS line”? That is just an example. Thanks A lot of times I’m looking at where the relative strength line is in relation to its previous peak. Maybe look at the start of the base and where the relative strength line was. As a stock forms the right side of its base, I’ll look to see how strong the relative strength line is compared to that former peak. What are we doing with DVN? If you’re down 7%-8%, you should get out IMO. If it’s a smaller loss, you could sell all/sell some or hold on for now. could you look at PATH and RBLX….both seem to be holding up quite nicely…..would you pilot buy here? The risk is that these stocks break hard suddenly – even if the market doesn’t get any worse. If you’re in a overall market ETF like VTI and that is the only position remaining (<20% of portfolio) , what are your thoughts about staying in that to stay in tune to market? It’s down from my buy in but not to 8% loss yet? This is where it’s important to have a strategy before going in. Are you treating this as a regular position? Or is this something where you are dollar cost averaging into a market position (not something we do in individual stocks but OK for a broad ETF like this.) The key is to decide on your strategy before you enter. CRM is holding up well today. Who knew? Morgan Stanley upgrade. I’m looking at $CAT finding support at the 50 day. Am I seeing that right? It’s down to its 50-day line … we’ll see if it finds support. I bet it was Mike Webster Not Mike. Another friend who is very focused on best of breed growth stocks. Can you guys take a look at DE? Gapped below the 50 day line today on big volume. Sure seems like a negative change in character? CAT? Doesn’t look good – and earnings on the way. I read somewhere that chip shortage is affecting farm equipment as well. What is your take on the downward pressure on Banks/Financials? Wouldn’t a higher interest rate environment be beneficial for them? Banks benefit from widening Treasury spreads and economic growth. That’s definitely helped them in 2021, but yields are flat, perhaps economic growth forecasts are cooling (a bit!) … and the general market is weak. Please share any IBD link that you migh have for any discussions or articles related to the significance of Short Interest Vs Float. Thanks Here’s an Investor’s Corner on the topic: What about ZIM? I jumped out 5/11 preserving a 20% profit with market and ZIM going down…now it’s back up into new high range…fighting against the market in a top industry group. ZIM acting well on earnings. Yeah, Mike liked TSLA alot I would have never been so bearish w/o Mike! His support of Tesla and especially Elon Musk turbocharged my contrarian nature. to Ali & team – ZIM (Zim Integrated Shipping) is looking good this morning after superb earnings report before the open this morning. Buy zone of 43.09 to 45.24. Now up 6% to around 44.25. Definitely looking good. I don’t see any entry point right now though. Can we look at DE with earnings on Friday? I’m down on the position and it’s not looking good with it undercutting 50 day significantly today If it were me, I’d be out of the stock. “Holding and hoping” is never a good position to be in. Surprisingly, non-tech stocks are getting more hit than tech stocks! Any thoughts on this action? Commodity prices getting crushed. Ed, are you using Market Smith to follow the day’s action? Yes. Do we have access on MarketSmith to Volume Weighted Average Price? Not avail on MarketSmith. How to see the VWAP? live answered so where do you find the weighted average volume live answered What are the potential lies in LEVEL 2? You’ll have market makers and participants put orders in to mislead. Put in some sell orders to try and get the price down so they can get better fills on their buy orders. It’s like a poker player “accidentally” showing a card to play a mind game on you. TradingView and Stockcharts have AVWAP thanks for the heads up. zim earnings was todayt Very strong earnings, I think there was a $2 special dividend. What’s happening with SCCO? is getting hammered…. Should I let it go? Copper prices getting hit today. Really depends on where you bought SCCO. An early entry you could give room but a buy at the recent breakout will probably be going through stop loss levels. Why would you even bring up a mental health buy now when the market is down and ZIM has had a strong run? It is extended now. Playing devil’s advocate. We have a lot of new people here who aren’t familiar with our buy rules/what makes an extended stock! TECK really went reverse today. Is it copper prices? Miners getting whacked. Copper prices down sharply. I assume other metals too (aside from gold). Does MarketSmith have a 5 day moving average? I only see 10,21,50,200 day averages. You can put a 5-day on it. Where does someone find the ATR (average true range) for a given stock? Or, do I need to calculate it? Many platforms have it. On MarketSmith here’s how you can add it. Go to the wrench, custom column layout, price and volume and you’ll see Avg. True Range. to Ed – DEN (Denbury Inc) looks alot like ZIM (Zim Integrated Shipping) – pretty much moving higher along trend lines since IPO. DEN has been very strong and steady. What is daily R2 You have levels of resistance and support that can be calculated from pivot points. R2 refers to resistance 2 great guest! I agree. We’ll definitely have Brian back. NOW: please discuss NOW now! It’s definitely struggling. We have a big cushion on Leaderboard. But if by the end of the month it still is still struggling we may cut it. CASH is a position! Good show today! live answered No food truck issues today, eh? Brought my breakfast! Rotation to tech? or rotation to cash? Rotation to cash for me.

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