IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Sept. 24, 2021

Good morning. Happy Friday Taher! Opps!! To the Team – HAPPY, HAPPY, Hippy Friday! (from Mpls) Happy FriYay Scott! Had to turn Ryder Cup off to get my daily dose of stock analysis! (and music tips) You got your priorities straight! 🙂 Ticker of the day AERO. Today looks like we may get thrown from the saddle again Ha ha, Mark, let’s see what Mr U.S. Market decides… Good Morning from Dallas!!! Special Friday for me. My Friday meeting conflict cancelled today! The schedule masters doing things right, John! Good Morning IBD Live! Great tune! Hi Shari! I had a feeling you’d like Ali’s choice! So back in the buying stock saddle agisn Maybe! Good morning! Hi Brian! Good morning, I’m sure you will get to it but would love to know how Charles handled SBLK. live answered Charles: I enjoyed your interview on TraderLion Thank you! i’m back in the saddle but i think i’m riding a bucking bronco! It can surely Loving that I will catch Charles Harris!! Cool What is the big deal about the Chinese property Company. Do they own substantial US assets. Do US Companies derive so much income from China that their default will matter. It’s more of systemic risk. Think of it as Lehman Bros. for China, which is now a much bigger economny. Nice hat, hat man! Thanks Rick! Two Browns hats today! GO BAKER! Pushup bars nice I agree, Miguel; Charles was going to remove them, we said no keep them in view buy on the pullback always — NEVER fails! Ha, I appreciate your humor here. Looks like Charles got it a workout before the show ? Sure does ALI — I LOVE T-Swift!!!!!!!!! Actually, “kissed” her mom a few years ago in Chicago . . . . Just moved into a new place! Charles digs seem a bit sparse. live answered Hat Man Go Browns! Yes!!! Hi William! GO BROWNS! Hatman, Love the Browns hats!!! Thank you Thomas!!! GO BROWNS! Hatman – keeping yor consistent equity weightings served you well this week. Looking forward to David on Tuesday to understand how he operated with 100% cash. Dis you notive DVN hit a high yesterday!!! Cheers James! Happy Friday! Any comments on CF William, it’s acting strong for sure. As you may know, I initiated a position once CF broke above the 200-day MA, and since then the action looks constructive to me. This week appears to be another week of institutional accumulation. Would be nice to see a handle form, but certainly no guarantee market participants will oblige. Cheers, HatMan Dave — and What do you think of FTNT buy off of the 50day/10week? Typically I would be all over it. The fact that the stock has been trading completely out of character gives me pause. Good morning Chris, great call on APPS, what made you think about that entry on wednesday and how would you handle it from now? Still ussing 21 EMA as line in the sand? I had a downtrend alert on the base. It was also retaking the 200-day. But what really pushed me to buy were the all buy blue volume spikes on the chart. 21-day is my line for now. Bulls vs Bears looking interesting Yes indeed; not surprising to see the bulls ratio fall significantly this week, well below the 61% near-term peak in July, too. Good Morning Friday. Hi Jim! I have a position in PLTR as well. Me 3. Happy Friday Phil A beautiful Texas morning to all! Excellent! what is your hat Hat Man? Hi there! The original mascot for the Cleveland Browns. Gm Team. Is there a way to submit questions before 6:20AM Pacific time? This could aid we who travel/sleep in the Asia-Pacific region. Thank You. PaulG You could reach out to us on Twitter! Our handles are on the FAQ page at Hat Man, your hat selection again today is outstanding! Even the one you’re not wearing in the background! Go Browns! Go Browns!!! Thanks Jeff! Gonna be a great game, methinks AFRM is a rocketship Impressive! Good morning team. Don’t recall who said it but someone said to respect your stops. Great advice. Thank you. Hi Steven! More than one member, for sure What stock was Charles talking about? PLTR Hey Charles, Great to have you back on the show! Are you going to do some pushups for us? I see your push up bars in the background. Keep the air flowing to the brain! I would if my mic extended 🙂 Doggy Coin, lol I guess, the next Q is what Elon will do to tout dogE? Can we look at PKI’s action (swingtrader). Looks like the stock moved a lot after being added to Swing trader and didn’t close well at all. Can’t comment on PKI from a SwingTrader standpoint, but as a Long-Term Leader it’s doing just fine. Respecting the 50-day, 10-week MAs for now. Glad to see you Charles! Love your style my man. thx! GM Team… I am still searching for ways to catch 10WK pullbacks…. Do any of you regularly go thru the LongTermLead list and set alerts at the 10WK levels with the idea that, if triggered, you enter a Mkt Order or a Buy Stop order above the 10WK level? I am just searching for some winning ideas. Thank you -PaulG Put stocks you are watching in Smart Alerts in MarketSmith. Go to Manage Alerts on the left side of the chart and then click on Smart Alerts. You can add 50-day and 10-week alerts on any stock you want to buy on a pullback. Charles, great to see you! Can’t wait to hear your take on the market! live answered GM to all. Question for Charles–Does he use any screens for stocks that are pulling back and bouncing off of 50 day Moving Avg? live answered Chris’s questioning of Charles last time was possibly the most useful information I have received during the 2 years+ that I have been on IBD LIve. Chris nailed the exact questions that we need to know and Charles was awesome as always. The key thing is knowing the correct questions to ask and follow. It is great when you look at alternative views on how to trade based on what the market is giving us, ie) pullback buys. Thank you so much. AFRM, second day of push, noted breat of DT line y’day We need to watch this one closely, thnx Leslie They are buying ABNB in pre market What a few weeks in the travel sector, eh, Phil? GM Charles! How many push ups today? Perry, let’s ask! Charles, I am a 30 year friend of Jeff Heimstaedt. He sent me you Crash Course: How to Master Buying Pullbacks. One of the most helpful on the subject I have ever seen. Thank you! If you felt comfortable sharing your slides with me, please send to [email protected] GTG, time look for pullbacks! Russell Evans Thanks Russell Ed….well done….Jeff Newman Thanks I got shaken out of IDXX last week when it closed below the 50-day line… does it look to get back in here? Moved back above 50-day Thu. and a trend line. It’s slipping this morning. I think if it rose above Thu.’s high it would be actionable. i’m up 60% for the year, where are you Charles? same Charles – What did you do with SBLK on Monday? live answered Is there news on DECK? Don’t see any real news. I suspect the Nike news – supply-chain woes – is hitting a lot of shoe/apparel makers. Ali does a great job of hosting, by following what he’s saying on the chart. Ed and Hatman do, as well! Thanks! Show started in Nov 2019. We’ve certainly gained a lot of experience doing that. Appreciate the kind comment, thank you for joining us. What is WONDA & AAII Wonda is an institutional platform from IBD’s former owner. AAII is the American Association of Individual Investors. hi when can we get these charts in MS please? You can find these indicators using the symbols NASDQ and GMIAB. Also the bulls-bears and other indicators are available on the Psychological Market Indicators page on Charles, can you share a few of your holdings that were holding up well during the pullback? live answered Does Charles still like star bulk? live answered what is going on with DECK? I think Nike supply-chain warnings hitting a lot of shoe/apparel makers … Vietnam is a big maker of a LOT of shoes. I don’t know specifically where DECK footwear is made though. Is the 10 day a simple or exponential MVA? Simple on our charts. Will you resume Charles’s discussion on SBLK? I’m very interested! live answered Back to SBLK, did Charles add to his position when it pulled back after the recent breakout where he bought a starter position? Yes, as it was approaching the 50 day Is Charles long SBLK then now? live answered Sorry about the earlier (earliest) Q&A entry . . . AND – HAPPY, HAPPY, Hippy Friday! (from Mpls) No worries pal! Glad you’re with us WEB SITE: Baltic Exhange Dry Index I use the Trading Economics one too, Peter. Have a great weekend! Love Charles! Bring him on more- so much of a different perspective he got to share. So valuable! live answered Charles thoughts on AMD here? live answered Thoughts on AMD here? live answered So which is the way to go SBLK, DAC or ZIM? I would go with the best setup. Charles is trading large, so liquidity is the primary factor, which is why he is focusing on SBLK. G4411 — Transportation-Ship Good share Shipping volumes may be down since ports are very slow. LA ports are at the highest backlog ever. More than 60 ships are waiting to be unloaded live answered Please answer – I am so Confused – So, Charles keeps stocks when stock goes down 50day? Then when would he sell ? I am a swing trader…sell into strenght and buy on weakness to areas of support in the context of an uptrend Charles, I also watch the trading economics site, but I don’t see the Baltic Dry Index. Are you subscribing to it? google it So Ed what are the flashing red signs u c on SBLK? It flashed sell signals last Thu. and especially Friday (from the recent buy point). Monday’s dive was after those sell signals. When may Market School commentary for Thursday be on Leaderboard….? Justin was traveling yesterday to the East Coast for a MarketSmith trading summit. He didn’t get in until 4 am. He will update later in morning. Ed – That’s good advice to the IBD Live community! Most don’t have the intuition that Charles does, so trying to follow what he does is futile! He also has huge gains and cushion to allow him to do what he did this year. Yes. And Charles tends to really read up on the company and study the financials to gain conviction. He has a CFA degree as well. In our chemical business, we don’t see any slowdown in business with orders booked several months out, into Q2 2022. And the shipping rates are staying high. They are built into the price and passed on to customers. Thanks for that insight. Can we discuss DECK? Slicing throught the 50day live answered is there a dry bulk shipping etf? BDRY supposedly tracks the baltic dry index. Don’t know how closely. Hi Charles, I saw you in the Chart School on Orlando, FL years ago! It was great. DSX is still around. Dry bunker that ran like crazy back in Those days, I think! Thanks for sharing this Ann! He and Mike were amazing at Chart School… Comments on INMD and the split? Price action this week and what to expect? live answered Baltic Dry Index chart that charles is looking at. Nice Charles is doing a fine job. Thank you Awesome I always learn so much when Charles is on the show…very grateful for his willingness to share and for IBD bring him on! We all learn so much, too, Justin! Always glad to have him on. YES, REALLY appreciate a differnt approach. we really needed this. Nice Can you discuss PFE and why, with all the good bews about it, its not moving alongsdie its partener BNTX? vaccine is basically 100% of revenue for BNTX. It’s just a (big) fraction for Pfizer. I also don’t know if PFE has long-term ties with BNTX, which I believe is testing mRNA on other diseases. PLTR please. live answered Charles is amazing. Analysis vs daily shinny object live answered Hatman – what part of Ohio are you from? He grew up in Lima. Does Charles use Options to initiate positions? From what he has said in the past, he uses options to add extra buying power when he already fully margined. Charles mentioned PLTR at the beginning of the session. Can we discuss PLTR please? live answered Can we look at PLTR? live answered deck has 50%+ mfg in vietnam Thanks! Nice. Is APPS buyable? I’d wait for the next pullback. PLTR buyable now? live answered Alli, If you buy PLTR now, sell signal? live answered I know you folks don’t talk about politics but if they don’t pass the new debt limit …….. Shouldn’t caution be advised? Could be an issue, but it’s still weeks before crisis. Does charles average down? Sometimes. I think TSLA wants to go. Just broke upper trend line I think you’re right. I wish it had a down week along the way, but doesn’t look like that’ll happen. Thanks, Chris – Hatman (Lima) Cheers Hatman – any thoughts on DVN – another NH – inexpensive on PE Multiple, Thanks I do like DVN for the reasons you mentioned, and the thesis that oil will keep rising as the globe recovers from covid makes sense. But, now, Morgan Stanley or another bank thinks oil will hit $100. Will it? Not sure. Chris, When HatMan went back to Ohio, was his city gone?? ;-D Ha ha!! Well, it’s true that many of my high school classmates have left the town of Lima, but it’s still a city! Population 36,862 in 2018, that’s certainly down from 45,000 when I was a kid. Can you please look at the index ETF’s for entry and exit advice? If an investor just wants to put money in QQQ or SPY, how would they approach it. Thanks! Hi! Check out our webinar section on our site for our ETF webinars for help with this! Is there a video or article link to ETF trading? Perhaps go to the SwingTrading section? Hatman, QS has no sales, they have deals with some automakers to produce, do you know the timing of deliveries to produce sales? They don’t have a product yet. This is development stage. If they pull off solid-state batteries – esp. if they’re first or close to it – they could see HUGE sales. But they may never succeed. I don’t know how far along they are – and how they’re doing vs. rival solid-state efforts. TSLA gapped down initially, but up for day and week now! Flirting with handle buy point now, wish it had a down week for a shakeout. Thanks Hatman – too bad it was flipped off leaderboard – EBAY is attractive entry – Sharles is terrific sold HZNP and BSOME BSY to swap into SBLK – Have a great weekend Nice going on HZNP! This one has turned into a steadier stock. DECK is certainly unfortunate, falling in sympathy with NKE’s poor news. You too! Ali – ETF Webinar section on IBD Live? webinar section under videos tab Nuts, don’t have subscription. Ah, a good time to do so? Also, do you consider Oil and gas as turnaround story? It really has, Ann, when you consider the DEN, DVN and others came public again as equities after the companies defaulted on their debt. Looking at the chart the last 2 Monday’s were pretty good shakeouts for those with no conviction in TSLA live answered Hatman – Go Browns! Have a great weekend!! You as well! Thanks Jeff! Browns 2-1 by Sunday! TASK plzzzzz Hi Mohammed! TASK is having an awesome run since the IPO and breakout from an IPO base at 35.73. You could take some profits. But don’t buy now. It’s way way extended. Cheers Appreciate Charles point of view, he is paying attention to changing market and is opportunisitc with best bets..many good ideas today…I agree that being over analylical takes up too much energy in most cases! live answered where can we find the IBD mutual fund list? the one showed up on the right pull screen on MarketSmith check out for a list of our “favorite” funds Indeed! Should be 3-0, Hatman!! Browns had a chance! But let’s not be too greedy! 🙂 One of the best shows ever !!!!!!! Sweet! Thanks Donald!!! Great show as always. Thank you Charles Superb After 50 years of watching them, greed is not possible! Lol Ha ha ha ha IMO – Browns gave away the KC game, but you’re right. We’ll stay humble 🙂 Cheers! thank you !! you are amazing as always 🙂 Cheers!

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