IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2021

Question Answer(s) Webby picking the music today? Webby is a rock guy! This has been on our IBD Live playlist. Thought the title was appropriate for today 🙂 Good morning. Justin, I notice the Market School commentary shows a floor of 1 today after it dropping to zero yesterday. Is that correct? No. That was a typo. It will show up fixed the next time the Leaderboard intro is published. Ticker of the day PLTS Perfect. Hope you liked REBA’s song yesterday, Mark! 21 pilots great song Level of Concern! Indeed, Mark; Ed introduced this one. David – Thanks for the insightful summary of the poll results. Words of wisdom! You got it! Question for David about Covered Call positions. Are you initating new stock positions and immediately selling a call or is it only after a move up of some sort? I usually sell the calls a few days or weeks after buying the position; want to see how the stock acts first! But Gavin McMaster also has a new column on the covered call, worth reading, methinks — DAVID — The Browns have an easy game Sunday with the Bears. I’m actually hoping for a Browns victory! Well, you know I really like the Bears too. The history. Papa Halas. I wrote about the great man. I’m originally a Midwestern fella. I was there at Soldier Field in 1980 (1981?) I’m torn! — UPST chart is unbelievable I can’t find reason for selling last month Unbelievable is appropriate! SNOW hanging tough, getting closer to clearing overhead IMO Yes! Hatman – SNAP is a buy here ? Answered live China has 80 million vacant apartments and they are going to build more because its the primary means for private investment and construction. LOL Lets bury ourselves. Over-building it seems. Some remark China should build more assisted living facilities, not residential apartment towers. Whats do you guys think of SE and PLTR? Already have a 3/4 postion in PLTR. Both are holding their 21-day lines. If weren’t for the market, I would have no worries about these two. ROKU at a key inflection point. Draw trendline from high to yesterdays high. Hard for me to get excited about a stock trading below its 50-day and 200-day. Good morning all – hope all is well GM Phil So glad that we didnt lose Irusha when he moved to O’Neill and IBD left the fold So true Neil Like the MarketSmith cap! Cheers Lonzel! Are you a MarketSmith user? Just curious Yesterday David Ryan mentioned his portfolio was neutral in light of his short positions – aha! Long positions and short positions basically cancelling each other out. Good morning team. Thoughts on DASH? GM Steven! Acting well, eh? So far keeping the recent gap-up. They seem to have the first mover advantage, no? One key reason I added this to the Live stock lists: No earnings, like Amazon in the beginning, but huge revenue growth — up 268%,
226%, 198%, 83% in the past 4 quarters. Good morning. GM Taher SFIX – gap up pre mkt live answered good morning team! What are you thoughts about PRCT? This looks very speculative. We typically don’t consider an IPO until has $100 million in trailing 12-month sales. This one has about $22 million. Can we look at LAMR please? Hi John, the move by Lamar has been impressive. After clearing resistance at 80, a nice and steady move. GM! Hi Joseph! Energy and Metals are up, can we look at TECK? live answered OLO. What would be a good level to start a position? Not right now. Pls make the stock deserve your money. Its latest breakout really flamed out. Needs to set up a good cup or new base. Good Morning from Dallas!! GM John! Hope the weather is nice there GM team Hey Narender Good morning Folks, For hedging, why not use Puts, or SQQQ? SQQQ is what we use on Leaderboard. Eric Krull mentioned on Friday how he likes to use puts on individual stocks to hedge. More than one way to do it! Good morning guys! I was checkin the ETF strategy yesterday and i was wondering if there is a place where we can get the historic movements on market status by IBD (Confirmed Uptrend, Uptrend Under Pressure and Market in Correction) You can scroll through past Big Pics for the Market Pulse. Good Morning from historic Philadelphia One of my favorite cities to explore. I go to Independence Hall every time I’m there. I’ve even done the virtual tour because I haven’t been there for a while. Thanks Dave for your recommendation on UPST covered call rollover! I rolled over to this Friday for the same strike, $260. Should I continue to rollover with the same strike? Sure! Yes, I’d keep doing that, and when possible, try to keep rolling up (higher strike) and out so that you can maximize the potential capital gain while bagging option income. Nice job! Why is FB down? live answered Also a view on SNAP, thanks live answered Is Evergrande traded in the US? Not directly, so we watch ETFs that may have exposure to China’s real estate market. Possibly FXI, GXC, ASHR? AXON has been up last two days. Coming off bottom of base. “Early entry”? The dip below the 50-day line is not encouraging, John; I do like the 3 yr eps growth rate, though! Is the FED buying stock securities with these monthly purchases? I’m confused as to what they are actually purchasing. Hi Tim, the Fed has been conducting QE (Quantitative Easing) for many years in which it buys long-dated U.S. Treasury bonds, $80 bil per month, and $40 bil in US agency mortgage-backed debt securities per month. What you may be referring is
last year’s credit facility to buy corporate debt securities. ‘@Team – what’s wrong with FB? any news? live answered Good Morning from Houston! If Evergrande is selling their land to cover interest payments it’s either going to other developers or to the government since individuals can’t own land in China….so maybe that’s the CCP bailout in disguise. That’s an interesting point. Thanks Richard. Is Dave the light director too? Poor guy has to move around so the light sensors don’t turn off on him. Thoughts on MOS please, looks interesting.. Watching it Morning gents, aside from the current market direction, what are your thoughts about WIRE? tyia! live answered Hold ZIM? Bought at break out. Holding the 21-day, so you’re good for now. You could also take maybe a third off given the weakness in the market. Thoughts on ADBE? It will certainly remain a Long-Term Leader this week. Looks like a normal reaction to earnings so far. awesome music to start the day! Thank you! A Live panelist favorite! ABNB bests recent hi Impressive rebound here, Leslie. I think more buy points will emerge. can we look at WIRE today? live answered FB down 3% live answered Is there news on FB? Gapping down in heavy volume live answered What Range does David Ryan use please. He mainly wants to quickly see which stocks are high in their range and will starting looking from strong to weak. Good morning everyone, in today’s poll I answered ‘not concerned’ because I am zero percent invested The lighter I get, the more I want a larger correction 🙂 WIRE b/o Yes, but very thin stock. Only trades 141,200 shares on average. Hello and good morning…is there a place in IBD to set up td ameritrade set ups your using We have video clips on how to set up the standard deviation channels lines and the like. If you have specific questions, just ask us. Is HOOD actionable here? live answered Looks like the 50-day is transitioning into a possible down trend? That’s my concern. Good morning, folks! I can move the market. As soon as I start shorting, the market will spike to the upside. Happens all the time. So if the market rebounds today, now you know why! Maybe we can add a new indicator to our psychological indicators page? “Would 3 days ago be a vertical violation? Is this a dead cat bounce?” We were talking about it looking like it that day. Two things that look a little different. 1) the fact that there were two up days on the way down was a little different. 2) the rally into the close made Monday look more positive than we
typically see on a vertical violation. any input on WIRE? live answered UBER continues to go up today. Uptrend which started yesterday? live answered There is no example of the market not coming back before…..why would anyone ever be greatly or moderately concerned???? Short-term positioning. And as we often say, even a correction shouldn’t be viewed horribly since that’s where more opportunities lie. What’s going on with Facebook today? Down 2.75%. live answered Do you reckon you could do some analysis of UPST? Since they breakout after earnings please Showing impressive strength. If you own it you might want to book some profit. If want to own it, you need to wait for a new entry. Very extended. APPS rocking live answered Didn’t COP announce an acquisition? Yes. Buying Shell’s Permian assets. News hit Monday night. FB had a week long PR disaster in the WSJ last week. live answered Answered somewhat concerned because i haven’t been able to get in the market so practically 0% exposure, mi biggest concern is we don’t get a sizable correction to reset bases and opportunities. That is always the benefit of a longer, deeper correction. OPINION NOTV ? Too thin for me. Only $2.8 million in dollar volume. $20 million is usually our minimum. DEN — Just crossed above a Downward Sloping Trend line. Vol up 34% Bouncing around it. Volume dropping though. Are either CAT or DE below or at 200 day – a consideration As possible shorts, at least for me. Is APPS a double bottom? live answered APPS has base dipper than 50%. Are you OK to buy this stoks any way? Generally not. Can Chris take a look at MRIN Too speculative for me. No earnings. Declining small sales. So Chris, you think you might get into APPS AFTER you hear from the fed – correct? Maybe. UBER gapped up agin today… live answered SPT has been a solid wondern since Chris recommended it a few months ago. I sold it @ $100 for a nice profit but it continues to roll up. Worth going back into? Not right now. It’s too extended. Wait for the next pullback or consolidation. SFIX. PLEASE DISCUSS HUGE UPDAY ON EARNINGS live answered Is UPST actionable? I have been trying to get into this stock for a long time. No. It’s very extended. Wait for a pullback or base. WIRE has VERY LOW Volume be careful That’s the biggest risk. How about $BOOT? live answered I capitulated on GNRC yesterday when it got +3% below the 50DMA. Had a whole position and booked an 18% gain. But feeling very remorseful about letting it go… Do you see an opportunity to reenter? David mentioned about trading around the
core, but my core is gone. Hoping for a reentry. Thanks. live answered David Ryan mentioned WDAY yesterday reckon u could take a look weekly cup with handle live answered GNRC – is that a cup with handle? In some ways, yes, in the spirit of this pattern. But pls keep in mind, a really good cup with handle shows a much lighter decline than the correction within the cup base.
and what about WDAY today? it appears to be breaking above resistance here? Thoughts? live answered Can we look at WDAY? Is this a good place to add? live answered Do you think today could be third day confirmation of a new rally attempt if the Dow stays above 1% gain on higher volume as it is now. 3rd day follow-throughs are rare and require better looking days on day 1 and 2. Is there way on MS to know what the dollar amount is for 50 and 21 day? Drawing a line isn’t super accurate. If you left click to get the crosshairs on any given day, the values for the moving averages and the price % relative to those values is given at the bottom. SMTC – please review. live answered SMTC? We’re looking at it; nice gap up 3 weeks ago, triggering a trend line buy; and now a handle has formed; 79.54 is a legit new handle entry point. Is marketsmith volume compared to “as of same time of avg day”? No. We are working on adding that feature. It takes the average and, based on the amount of time that has elapsed, linearly extrapolates what the volume would be. Of course, volume doesn’t happen linearly throughout the day so comparing to
the specific time is a better calculation. Wow, I sold NUE on 8-12 at 121.38 into strength and the next day I thought I may have made a mistake. Guess not! Selling into strength has been the best way to profit from this market. Thanks, DS-C! You bet Jeff! Nice Dave BNTX Cheers Phil; I really like their future game plan. I just bought some Dave Cheers and good luck! MRNA rocks live answered I’m more interested in why Dave chose bntx over mrna Hi Linda, I like both; I explained why MRNA left a bitter taste in my mouth but that’s the past. BNTX has very ambitious plans to change the way we treat infectious diseases and cancer. Very exciting. New IBD Live game: finish every sentence with “than my high school girlfriend…” lol Sounds almost like a college drinking game. Don’t even get me started on my college girlfriends. Dave, stop loss – take profit levels on those BNTX shares you just picked? Absolutely Victor; a clean break of the 50-day MA would be my stop loss. MRNA is in a 6th stage base. Unbelievable move for sure; priced for perfection. MRNA has the largest market cap in biotech space. Do you know the difference between MRNA and BNTX? MRNA has twice the market cap. Thanks. Yes, I did notice that, thanks Frank! Ali wrap up is great. Thank you. Please continue it. She does a wonderful job on this How does Chris get more accurate volume info than the MS chart shows? We have access to an institutional product Panaray from William O’Neil + Co. But this is a feature we would like to add to MarketSmith. Keep an eye on SNAP . . . . Absolutely, buddy! Cheers Peter, hope you’re well! Chris, Not a big deal but re AMD, you said the volume was 59% of average, whereas, I think you meant to say 69%. Right? I was looking at Panaray, which has a different approach to intraday volume, which is on our list of things to add to MarketSmith. It was trading 59% below average. How does the cart look for Unity? It’s seems to be holding up ok Holding the 21 day nicely. woot woot chris apps rocks live answered Yes on APPS. I am with you on this trade. live answered i’m all in APPS ira live answered David: You are always gracious as you attribute articles to their writer. It’s quite a great team of minds! Thanks Dave. I noted the bitterness comment. BNTX fundamentals a bit better too. Lots of great insight in today’s show. Terrific! Thanks Chris. My listening skills need improvement. Thanks for your always insightful remarks. I’m a believer! Nice! Really good call today. Also appreciate the Livermore references. Thank you. Respectfully. Very cool QQQ’s look like a bear flag forming on daily Interesting! Great show, Coaches. Thank you IBD Live Team! Happy trading You too! “sorry I was late gang! Good morning and better day” Better late than never? 🙂 Great show and great day everyone! Great!

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