More and More `Normies’ of Finance Are Getting ETH-Pilled

As a “normie” in the traditional finance world, I’m trying to remain intellectually open to the crypto space.  There are parts of it I’m willing to outright ignore, such as random tokens and coins being created with goofy names. But there are also parts of the crypto world I’m doing my best to educate myself on so I don’t miss what might be a game-changing technology. Bitcoin, irrespective of its price, makes sense to me as a digital payment system. It might not handle the same volume of transactions Visa or Mastercard do but I get the underlying story of a decentralized payment system.

What has really intrigued me lately is Ethereum, a decentralized network that companies are building apps on. ING, Ubisoft, TD Ameritrade, these are real-life companies testing the waters of building something that is supported by a growing number of developers. What I really care about (more than the price of these coins or tokens) is where are the smart people going to create things? What platforms are they choosing to build something on? Ethereum is emerging as one of the primary destinations for that, so I’m paying increased attention there. Let me emphasize that I’m not exploring Ethereum as a technology because the price of it is going up, I want to know where forward-thinking people are building things because that’s where real value might be found. A payment app will always be a payment app, but a framework to build on might be a skyscraper.

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