3 Best Tractors for Small Farms That Cost $15,000 or Less | MotorBiscuit

Tractor manufacturers aren’t known for producing cutting-edge automotive technology, but the latest models are lightyears ahead of those made 20 or 30 years ago. Some newer models’ features can be handy depending upon your farming maintenance needs. Others may look great but provide little practical value. For small-farm owners needing a tractor, these three affordable models provide power, comfort, and functionality.

Selecting the right tractor

For small farms — those 231 acres or less — you might need a tractor for various purposes, like hauling material, bush hogging, mowing the lawn, or snow plowing. In general, when looking at a tractor for a small farm, you’ll need to consider the size of the three-point hitch, transmission style, and class (or size). Of course, you’ll also want to evaluate ergonomics and comfort for you and anyone else who might use it often.

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