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Once you determine that a compact tractor is the right piece of equipment for the jobs on your specific spot of land, then the research commences. There are several tractor brands to choose from. Plus, there are so many different categories. We’ve cross-referenced some different sources and came up with this list of 5 of the best compact tractors on the market.

John Deere 2 Series compact tractor plowing snow | David Banks/Getty Images

What is a compact tractor?

First of all, what is a compact tractor? defines the compact tractor as an agricultural tractor that is smaller than a typical farming tractor. Compact tractor models are compatible with first-category implements, as they use a 540-rpm power take off attachment system (PTO) combined with a three-point hitch. A compact tractor usually weighs less than 4,000 pounds (although some are a little larger).

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