A 16-Ton Electric Truck Is Barreling Toward Us | MotorBiscuit

It seems that more and more car manufacturers are going electric these days. Ford, Porsche, and Volkswagen have all been in the news recently for the strides they’re making toward a fleet of electric vehicles. Yet there’s still a hole for bigger electric vehicles, like large trucks. The U.K. startup Volta is changing that with an electric big rig. 

A Volta Zero electric truck | Volta

What is the Volta big rig all about?

Volta Truck has revealed its new prototype chassis, which is basically the thing underneath the huge box part of the truck. That’s not a technical explanation, in case you’re wondering. The prototype chassis adds a production specification frame and drivetrain to the Volta Zero truck. It will also allow the Volta Truck to be driven at normal speeds. 

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