A Cheap Super-Low-Mileage 2006 Ford GT Is For Sale For Anyone Brave Enough | MotorBiscuit

Would you be willing to fork over the cash to attempt to restore this super-low mileage 2006 Ford GT? Of course, you would… Let’s keep it real here; the internet is teeming with car nerds boasting about how easily they could take a wrecked supercar and get it back together. These situations require loads of time, money, and commitment to not only buy the car and restore it but also the legal and paperwork involved with getting cars like this back on the road and insured. Sorry, was that too much realism to be fun? 

2006 Ford GT | Copart

However, Every once in a while, a broken supercar shows up with 714 miles on it, and the damage seems to be within the realm of actually fixing. On infrequent occasions, that supercar is one of the most coveted examples of its breed. Let’s take a closer look at this 2006 Ford GT. 

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