Auto Insurance Cincinnati, Ohio: Everything You Need to Know

If you buy auto insurance in Cincinnati, Ohio, it’s important to understand the required amount of coverage for residents. Ohio drivers must have at least $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident in bodily injury liability coverage and at least $25,000 per accident for property damage liability coverage. You can get additional protection by purchasing comprehensive and collision insurance or increasing the amount of your liability policy. Review this guide to make the most of your car insurance budget in Cincinnati.

Average Auto Insurance Rates in Cincinnati

Drivers who live in Cincinnati pay an average of $1190 for annual car insurance coverage. This falls between the national average of $1548 and the Ohio average of $1047, according to The Zebra. Married drivers pay less than single drivers do for auto insurance. The latter group pays about $1558 per year for coverage compared to $1489 for married couples.

Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies in Cincinnati

MoneyGeek rates the most affordable companies providing minimum coverage insurance in Cincinnati by average annual cost:

  • Allstate: $480
  • American Family: $461
  • Erie: $271
  • GEICO: $334
  • Nationwide: $450
  • State Farm: $331
  • USAA: $243
  • Esurance: $783
  • Farmers: $599
  • MetLife: $640
  • Progressive: $453
  • Travelers Insurance: $486

    These are the most affordable average annual full coverage rates for Cincinnati residents:

    • Allstate: $753
    • American Family: $681
    • Erie: $561
    • GEICO: $534
    • Nationwide: $770
    • State Farm: $611
    • USAA: $474
    • Esurance: $1016
    • MetLife: $928
    • Farmers Insurance: $900
    • Travelers Insurance: $811
    • Progressive: $789

      Young drivers tend to pay more for auto insurance coverage than older drivers because of their increased risk for accidents. ValuePenguin reports the average annual minimum and full coverage premium costs by company for this age group:

      • Allstate: $2115, $7068
      • Erie: $1207, $4514
      • GEICO: $1297, $2845
      • Grange: $2363, $6736
      • Nationwide: $2079, $4809
      • State Farm: $1411, $3356
      • Progressive: $2677, $7023
      • Westfield: $1636, $5378

        Ohio drivers of all ages pay $1848 on average for minimum coverage and $5216 on average for full coverage insurance.

        Most Affordable Auto Insurance in Cincinnati by ZIP Code

        In Cincinnati, zip code has only a small influence on auto insurance premiums, according to finance website MoneyGeek. Drivers in 45283 pay an average of $810 per year for minimum coverage compared to about $787 per year in 45231 and $777 in 45211. The difference in cost stems from the varying rates of uninsured motorists, auto thefts, and accidents in different neighborhoods.

        Average Cincinnati Auto Insurance Cost after an Accident or Ticket

        Insurify reports on the average annual premium rates for Cincinnati drivers after common driving violations:

        • $1463 for speeding by 16 to 20 miles per hour
        • $1732 to $1882 for a reckless driving accident, depending on damages
        • $1919 for a driver who has a DUI history
        • $1915 after a ticket for reckless driving

          ValuePenguin recommends GEICO for teen and 20-something drivers in Cincinnati who have gotten speeding tickets. The insurer charges $3239 on average for this type of driver, about 43 percent less than the average of $5698 for a young driver with a speeding ticket. In general, if you already have auto insurance and get a speeding ticket, your rates will go up about 9 percent. ValuePenguin reports the average monthly and annual cost by company for drivers in this situation:

          • Erie: $396, $4748
          • GEICO: $270, $3239
          • State Farm: $308, $3699

            Because teen drivers have a much higher rate of accidents compared to motorists in other age groups, parents should consider purchasing full coverage. Although teen motorists can save about $3368 in Cincinnati by going with minimum coverage, they could end up paying much more out of pocket if a crash occurs. Look for student and good grade discounts to save on auto insurance for teen and 20-something drivers.

            ValuePenguin reports that State Farm has the lowest average rates for customers of all ages with a history of driving under the influence. Drivers in Cincinnati with a DUI pay about $1165 for coverage from State Farm compared to more than $2000 from Allstate, the most expensive provider in this situation.

            Average Cincinnati Auto Insurance Cost Based on Credit

            Your credit score affects the amount you pay for auto insurance. The Zebra reports these average annual rates by credit tier for Cincinnati drivers:

            • Excellent: $962
            • Very Good: $1062
            • Good: $1190
            • Fair: $1432
            • Very Poor: $2282

              ValuePenguin recommends GEICO for coverage if you have poor credit. Compared to the Ohio average of $177 per month and $2121 a year for drivers with poor credit, GEICO charges an average of $105 per month and $1254 per year. State Farm charges $1691 per year, and Nationwide charges $1734.

              Best-Rated Cincinnati Auto Insurance Companies

              These are the complaint ratios for the largest insurance companies in Ohio, based on data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. The lower the number, the fewer customer complaints the company gets relative to its size by market share:

              • Allstate: 0.63
              • Cincinnati: 0.60
              • GEICO: 0.57
              • Grange: 0.10
              • Home-Owners Insurance Co. Auto-Owners Division: 0.07
              • Nationwide: 0.37
              • Progressive: 0.41
              • Erie: 0.63
              • Farmers Insurance: 0.66
              • Motorists (Encova): 0.84
              • State Farm: 0.66
              • Safeco (Liberty Mutual): 1.00
              • Westfield: 0.76
              • Safe Auto: 2.17

                Insurance companies consider a range of factors when determining your auto insurance cost. The adjuster will review your risk level based on your driving record, zip code, experience, and other characteristics. Higher risk translates to more costly insurance premiums, but shopping around can help you find rates you can afford for Cincinnati auto insurance coverage. Get quotes from several companies before committing to an auto insurance provider.

                Check this out if you need additional information, resources, or guidance on car insurance.


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