Auto Insurance in Mesa, Arizona: Everything You Need to Know

Mesa is the third-most-populous city in Arizona, with more residents than metropolises such as Atlanta and Miami. If you’re one of the many drivers shopping for auto insurance in Mesa, Arizona, review this guide to find the best coverage for your needs.

Minimum Coverage in Arizona

QuoteWizard reports that Arizona drivers must follow the state’s 15/30/10 rule when buying auto insurance. This code means motorists in Mesa need at least $15,000 per person for bodily injury liability coverage, $30,000 per accident for bodily injury liability, and $10,000 per accident for property damage liability coverage. These are the coverage limits your insurance company will pay other drivers if you cause an accident.

Cheapest Auto Insurance in Mesa by Insurance Company

You can save on car insurance coverage by shopping around for rates. According to The Zebra, these companies offer the most affordable average auto insurance premiums for drivers in Mesa:

  • American Family: $1616 per year
  • GEICO: $800 per year
  • USAA: $1322 per year (available only for those who have served in the military and their families)
  • Progressive: $1676 per year
  • State Farm: $1545 per year

    ValuePenguin reports that you can save about 28 percent on annual insurance premiums in Mesa by getting minimum liability coverage with GEICO. The average cost by insurer for this type of policy includes:

    • Allstate: $1554
    • CSAA: $991
    • GEICO: $887
    • The Hartford: $1675
    • Farmers Insurance: $2352
    • Progressive: $910
    • State Farm: $950
    • USAA: $550

      GEICO also has the most affordable average policies for full coverage, which includes liability as well as comprehensive and collision coverage in most cases. You can save an average of $1186 if you choose GEICO for this type of policy in Mesa. The average full coverage costs by insurer are:

      • Allstate: $386 per month, $4630 per year
      • CSAA: $272 per month, $3266 per year
      • Farmers Insurance: $379 per month, $4548 per year
      • GEICO: $157 per month, $1885 per year
      • The Hartford: $394 per month, $4729 per year
      • Progressive: $158 per month, $1898 per year
      • State Farm: $170 per month, $2034 per year
      • USAA: $132 per month, $1578 per year

        The average full coverage cost for Arizona residents is $256 per month or $3071 per year.

        Average Insurance Cost in Mesa after a Ticket or Crash

        If your driving history includes an at-fault accident or driving violation, you will pay more for insurance in Mesa than you would with a clean driving history. ValuePenguin recommends State Farm if you want to save money but have a spotty record. This insurer has the lowest average rates for drivers who have been arrested for driving under the influence, received a speeding ticket, or caused an accident resulting in injury or property damage.

        The website gathered the following data about the monthly and annual insurance premium costs for drivers who have had at-fault accidents within the past three years:

        • Allstate: $568, $6814
        • CSAA: $371, $4451
        • GEICO: $238, $2855
        • Farmers Insurance: $526, $6317
        • Progressive: $265, $3181
        • The Hartford: $568, $6821
        • USAA: $195, $2343

          Drivers with an accident history who live in Mesa pay an average of $367 per month and $4401 per year for auto insurance.

          Average Auto Insurance Cost in Mesa by Age

          Teen and young adult drivers have much more expensive car insurance premiums than older drivers because of their higher accident risk. ValuePenguin reports that 18-year-olds in Mesa will find the best rates for minimum coverage from CSAA and for full coverage from GEICO. The website reports the average minimum and full coverage costs by insurer for this age group:

          • Allstate: $3384, $10,288
          • CSAA: $1942, $5471
          • Farmers Insurance: $5451, $9814
          • GEICO: $2039, $3959
          • The Hartford: $4207, $12,041
          • Progressive: $4026, $9171
          • State Farm: $3269, $6464
          • USAA: $1967, $5081

            Mesa drivers who are 18 pay an average of $3286 for minimum coverage insurance and $7786 for full coverage.

            Best Insurance Companies for Mesa Drivers

            ValuePenguin compiled data from AM Best, J.D. Power and Associates, and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners to select the best car insurance companies for Mesa drivers. They report the ratings for customer complaints (with a low ratio indicating fewer complaints), claims satisfaction rate, and financial strength as:

            • Allstate: 0.63, 876, A+
            • American Family: 0.44, 862, A
            • CSAA: 0.85, 862, A
            • Farmers Insurance: 0.19, 872, A
            • GEICO: 1.02, 871, A++
            • Liberty Mutual: 0.92, 870, A
            • Progressive: 0.36, 856, A+
            • Safeco: 1.34, 870, A
            • State Farm: 0.66, 881, A++
            • USAA: 0.98, 890, A++

              ValuePenguin also gathered data from insurance customers across Arizona. The website reported the percentage of respondents who were extremely satisfied with their claims experience and the percentage who said they received excellent customer service:

              • Allstate: 72 percent, 47 percent
              • CSAA: 44 percent, 32 percent
              • Farmers Insurance: 71 percent, 38 percent
              • GEICO: 64 percent, 32 percent
              • Progressive: 74 percent, 34 percent
              • State Farm: 73 percent, 46 percent
              • USAA: 78 percent, 62 percent

                Cheapest Insurance for Married Mesa Drivers

                Allstate provides the most affordable coverage for married drivers, who pay an average of nearly $300 less per year than single drivers do. You can also save as a married couple by adding both cars and both drivers to the same policy. The website reports the average monthly and annual cost for married Mesa drivers:

                • CSAA: $227, $2726
                • The Hartford: $330, $3964
                • GEICO: $162, $1950
                • Progressive: $140, $1684
                • State Farm: $170, $2034
                • Farmers Insurance: $346, $4149
                • Allstate: $362, $4348
                • USAA: $113, $1351

                  The average rate for married drivers across the state is $113 per month and $2776 per year for auto insurance coverage.

                  Check this out if you need additional information, resources, or guidance on car insurance.


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