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Europe has many countries with different car safety laws. So driving there can be a confusing experience for Americans. While there are plenty of great European cars to try, traffic rules may be a little different from what many Americans are used to. Here’s a look at which European countries allow driving in left-hand cars.

A history of traffic rules

According to WorldStandards, whether a country allows driving on the left or the right depends on its history. Nowadays, this debate over which side of the road people should drive on is done in jest, but it has a practical history. In the old days, people preferred to travel on the left side of the road because it would be dangerous to travel on their right, WorldStandards reports.

That’s because folks wanted to draw their swords to defend themselves if anything happened. This trend began to die down during the late 1700s when people preferred to travel on the right side of the road. This switch happened mainly because the peasants traveled on the right, and the rich didn’t want to attract negative attention to themselves by traveling on the opposite side.

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