Can You Use Apple Carplay and Android Auto on a Motorcycle? – MotorBiscuit

If you spend a lot of time riding your motorcycle, then you likely want some type of infotainment to get you through any ride. After all, people that drive around in cars have the ability to use phone integration interfaces like Apple Carplay and Android Auto. But do motorcycles benefit from the same type of connectivity?

There are some motorcycles in the market that currently offer Apple Carplay and Android Auto

The ‘Parrot RNB 6’ combining Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is presented at the CES electronics and consumer technology tradeshow. | (Britta Pedersen/picture-alliance)

The short answer is yes, some motorcycles do have the ability to use Apple Carplay and Android Auto, however, the keyword is “some.” Apple Carplay and Android Auto have been offered on most cars since 2014, however, the programs have slowly trickled down to the motorcycle world. As such, here are some of the bikes that currently offer the phone integration software:

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