Car Insurance in Davenport, Iowa: Everything You Need to Know

Forty-nine states require motorists to purchase car insurance when driving on public roadways. When buying car insurance, Davenport, Iowa, is held to the same standard. Iowa doesn’t have a specific law that requires motorists to obtain car insurance. Although, when a driver causes a traffic accident, they must provide proof of financial responsibility or proof of insurance.

Most states mandate that drivers carry property damage liability coverage and bodily injury liability coverage. Iowa only requires the latter. However, this coverage only pays for the medical costs to a third party after an accident. If you care to have anything else covered, you’ll need more than the state minimums. The Iowa state minimums per AutoInsuranceEZ are bodily injury liability at $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident.

Insurance providers use many different variables when figuring your insurance rates, such as where you live, your driving experience, credit score, how much you drive, the number of drivers and vehicles, and your driving record. Each quote is unique, so be sure to compare prices from several insurance companies.

Car Insurance: Davenport Rates vs. State and National Averages

TheZebra found the average annual auto insurance rates in Davenport are $1104. Iowa’s average annual rates are comparable at $1106, just $2 more per year. Davenport’s annual rates are $444 less than the national average of $1548.

Davenport Auto Insurance Costs by Insurer

Getting the most affordable car insurance is important. Fortunately, many insurance companies offer policies for Davenport residents. Each company has varying degrees of coverage options, discounts, and incentives. One of the biggest factors that determine your rates is the company you choose to work with. Take a look at car insurance rates by insurer:

  • Iowa Farm Bureau: $933.
  • GEICO: $839.
  • Nationwide: $926.
  • State Farm: $976.
  • IMT: $1123.

    Davenport Auto Insurance Premiums by Driver Age

    Car insurance companies believe the younger you are, the more likely you are to get into a traffic accident. This is because most young drivers are far less experienced than their older counterparts. That being said, teen drivers may reduce their insurance premiums by taking advantage of good student discounts or participating in safe driving courses and driver’s education lessons.

    Once drivers enter their 50s, car insurance rates drop. Motorists in their 50s pay $911 per year on average, while those in their 60s pay slightly more at $924 annually.

    Teenagers pay the most on auto insurance in Davenport. Moving into your 20s can save you an average of $1864 per year. This is the most significant price gap for insurance between any two groups.

    Here are the annual rates for car insurance in Davenport, Iowa, by age group:

    • Teens: $3377.
    • 20s: $1513.
    • 30s: $1076.
    • 40s: $1009.
    • 50s: $911.
    • 60s: $924.
    • 70s: $1157.

      Davenport Car Insurance Premiums by Gender and Marital Status

      Married couples often save money on their auto insurance rates by bundling their policies together. However, simply being married won’t save you nearly as much.

      Data shows there isn’t much of a difference between genders in their car insurance premiums. Many insurance companies don’t account for gender anymore. The insurers that do only charge 2-3 percent more and whether males or females pay more depends on the company itself.

      These are the annual premiums by gender and marital status:

      • Single: $1015.
      • Married: $1015.
      • Divorced: $1104.
      • Widowed: $1062.
      • Female: $1111.
      • Male: $1104.

        Average Davenport Insurance Rates After a Violation or Accident

        The most expensive violations to get in Davenport are reckless driving and DUI. Those convicted of reckless driving spend $644 per year more than those without a violation. A DUI gives drivers a $633 spike in premiums, and a speeding ticket results in an increase of $175 annually.

        Check out Davenport’s average annual rates by violation:

        • DUI: $1737.
        • Speeding Ticket: $1279.
        • At-fault Accident: $1435-1536.
        • Reckless Driving: $1748.

          Davenport Auto Insurance Premiums by Credit Tier

          According to Zimlon, a poor credit score can lead to an increase in premiums that would double your monthly rate. Davenport’s average premiums are relatively low to start, so having a low credit score might not hurt your wallet dramatically, and local insurance providers typically offer good rates to drivers with low credit scores.

          Here are the average annual rates by credit tier:

          • Very Poor: $2046.
          • Fair: $1343.
          • Good: $1104.
          • Very Good: $1010.
          • Exceptional: $918.

            Expensive Iowa Cities

            Where you drive, work, and park your car have a significant impact on your car insurance premiums. Auto insurance is usually less expensive in rural areas because the roads see less traffic. This means you’ll have a smaller chance of running into another vehicle.

            These cities have some of the highest annual auto insurance premiums in Iowa:

            • South Rock Island: $1209.
            • Rock Island County: $1214.
            • Sheridan: $1404.

              These cities have the lowest rates:

              • Davenport: $943.
              • Scott County: $914.
              • Eldridge: $1085.

                List of Insurance Companies in Davenport

                Several insurance providers offer great rates in Davenport, Iowa, such as GEICO, Progressive, American Family, State Farm, Iowa Farm Bureau, Nationwide, IMT, and Allstate. These companies offer some of the lowest rates in the city. Low rates don’t necessarily result in the best customer service and an easy-to-use claims process. Ensuring you have compared the prices of as many companies as possible, read reviews, and researched each provider’s customer service ratings will make the difference between overpaying and getting the right price for your auto insurance.

                When looking for new auto insurance, it’s important to keep in mind each auto insurance policy is different. Though they may seem similar, their internal workings are very different. Most people only look at the policy’s monthly price, but the price won’t tell you everything you need to know. Check out reviews of each company and get free and instant quotes online today.

                Check this out if you need additional information, resources, or guidance on car insurance.


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