Car Insurance in St. Louis Missouri: Everything You Need to Know

Car Insurance in St. Louis, Missouri, can be affordable and accessible. Every driver in Missouri must purchase auto insurance and carry proof of insurance within their vehicles. Missouri’s state minimum requirements for insurance include liability insurance and uninsured motorist coverage.

Here are Missouri’s minimum requirements for car insurance:

  • Bodily injury liability: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident
  • Property damage liability: $25,000 per accident
  • Uninsured motorist: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident

    The required state minimum car insurance will satisfy all legal requirements, although it’s smart for motorists in Missouri to get more than the bare minimum. These limits aren’t enough to cover you completely after an accident. If you caused a traffic accident that resulted in severe injury, damage, or death, your insurance might be used up too quickly, and you would be forced to pay the rest of the expenses out of pocket.

    Car Insurance: St. Louis Rates vs. State and National Averages

    According to TheZebra, The average annual auto insurance rates for St. Louis, Missouri drivers are $2540. That’s $804 more expensive than the state average of $1736 and $992 higher than the national average of $1548 per year.

    St. Louis Auto Insurance Costs by Insurer

    The company you choose is one of the most telling factors in your car insurance rates. State Farm came out as the most affordable company in St. Louis, while Progressive had the highest rates of companies tested. Progressive’s annual premiums were $977 higher than State Farm’s and $68 more than the next most expensive insurer, GEICO.

    Take a look at the annual rates by insurer in St. Louis:

    • State Farm: $1673
    • American Family: $2118
    • Farmers: $2507
    • GEICO: $2582
    • Progressive: $2650

      St. Louis Auto Insurance Premiums by Driver Age

      Teenagers face the highest insurance premiums in St. Louis per MoneyGeek. Teenagers pay $6281 more than those in their 20s, the next most expensive age group.

      Drivers in their 50s pay the lowest premiums at $2127 annually. As those in their 50s age into their 60s, they see an increase in their yearly rates to $2147 per year.

      Here are the annual rates for St. Louis driver by age:

      • Teens: $9713
      • 20s: $3431
      • 30s: $2469
      • 40s: $2301
      • 50s: $2127
      • 60s: $2147
      • 70s: $2604

        St. Louis Car Insurance Premiums by Gender and Marital Status

        ValuePenguin found that your marital status could influence your monthly premiums. In many states in the U.S., single drivers pay more for their auto insurance than their married counterparts. Insurance companies believe married couples are more financially stable and less likely to file claims. Married motorists in St. Louis pay $222 less per year than single people. Single drivers in St. Louis pay more than those who are widowed as well.

        Your gender could also be a factor in your rates. St. Louis makes male drivers pay $58 less for their auto insurance policies.

        These are the annual rates for car insurance in St. Louis by gender and marital status:

        • Female: $2598
        • Male: $2540
        • Single: $2318
        • Married: $2318
        • Divorced: $2467
        • Widowed: $2428

          St. Louis Insurance Rates After a Violation or Accident

          Steering clear of violations and at-fault accidents is another way to keep your insurance premiums low. DUIs, traffic accidents, reckless driving, and speeding citations contribute to a dramatic increase in your auto insurance costs. Low-risk drivers won’t need financial reimbursement as often, so they pay less per year.

          DUI and reckless driving spike your insurance costs more than any other common violation. Those convicted of reckless driving saw their premiums go up by $956 annually. Drivers with a DUI received an increase of $949, while a speeding ticket leads to drivers paying $580 more than the city average.

          These are the annual rates for drivers with a violation:

          • DUI: $3488
          • Reckless Driving: $3495
          • At-fault Accident: $3837
          • Speeding Ticket: $3120

            St. Louis Auto Insurance Premiums by Credit Tier

            A good credit score will result in lower monthly car insurance rates. Ensuring you maintain a good credit history can save you hundreds every year in auto insurance payments. Motorists in St. Louis that improve their credit from 300-579 to 800-850 save up to 67 percent on their auto insurance policies. Moving from the lowest credit tie of “Very Poor” to “Fair” saves drivers $2636 each year.

            These are the average annual rates by credit tier in St. Louis:

            • Very Poor: $5776
            • Fair: $3140
            • Good: $2540
            • Very Good: $2216
            • Exceptional: $1902

              Expensive St. Louis Zip Codes

              Where you live and park your car at night affects your auto insurance costs. Each zip code has varying levels of theft, vandalism, road conditions, and uninsured drivers. If you live in a neighborhood with a high crime rate, you could be seen as a high-risk driver. Roads in St. Louis have been improved recently, but there seems to be a lot of work to go. 16 percent of roads in St. Louis were reported as poor condition, and 29 percent were in mediocre condition.

              These are the zip codes with the highest car insurance premiums in St. Louis:

              • 63120
              • 63107
              • 63113
              • 63115
              • 63147

                Cheaper St. Louis Zip Codes

                Here are the zip codes with the cheapest car insurance premiums in St. Louis:

                • 63131
                • 63122
                • 63126
                • 63123
                • 63127

                  List of Insurance Companies in St. Louis

                  According to QuoteWizard, many insurance companies offer competitive rates in St. Louis, including GEICO, 21st Century, Farmers, Allstate, Esurance, Safeco, Liberty Mutual, AAA, Progressive, and American Family.

                  Some drivers may be considered too high risk to purchase car insurance from a private company. Those drivers can get their insurance from the Missouri Automobile Insurance Plan. When searching for new insurance, it’s important to compare prices. Head online to get your free quote today.

                  Check this out if you need additional information, resources, or guidance on car insurance.


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