Consumer Reports Worried About Tesla Using Customers To Test Dangerous ‘Full-Self Driving’ Mode on Public Roads | MotorBiscuit

Tesla is moving forward with the release of its “full-self driving” software. Now that the newest version of the driving assistance software prototype is out, reports from owners have grabbed the attention of safety experts. We have seen many serious and even sometimes fatal crashes from drivers using Tesla’s “AutoPilot” feature because they believe it can literally drive for you. All the while, Tesla is harvesting this information from people using the software to work out the kinks. Is Tesla responsible for testing potentially dangerous driving features, or are consumers? 

Tesla Roadster | Tesla

Tesla Is using customers as test subjects

According to Consumer Reports, these reports from users have some safety experts a bit worried. Of course, Consumer Reports is on the case and plans to fully test this new software like when they proved how easy it was to bypass the “safety” features of the previous “AutoPilot” software. CR will be testing the software with the company’s Tesla Model Y. 

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