Don’t You Dare Park Your Chevy Bolt Inside, or Outside for That Matter | MotorBiscuit

The hits keep coming for the popular electric vehicle as one neighborhood has asked Chevy Bolt owners not to park in certain lots. And by certain spots, the owner means the entire parking lot. With no solution in sight, what is next for the Bolt EV?

Why can’t the Chevy Bolt park here?

Recalled Chevy Bolt | Big-Benefit-8595/Reddit

The Chevy Bolt EV and Bolt EUV are still struggling. As the news mounts that these vehicles continue to catch fire out of nowhere, property managers are fighting back. One Reddit user saw a sign explicitly prohibiting having Bolts part in the parking lot. The parking area is outdoors, but the owner is taking no chances. This specific lot is run by SP+ and is a private lot, which gives the owner the right to do so.

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