Drivers Have Found Ghostly Handprints After Leaving Their Cars by a Haunted Texas Intersection – MotorBiscuit

Most towns have a house or stretch of road that is reportedly haunted. San Antonio is home to one such intersection. This railroad crossing was supposedly the site of a fatal school bus accident. The ghosts of these dead children linger in the area, ready to “push” any cars that are stopped on or near the tracks, leaving ghostly handprints. 

This haunted road attracts both amateur and professional ghost hunters to evaluate ghostly handprints

Handprint on car | Getty Images

This hub of paranormal activity is at the intersection of Shane and Villamain Roads, just southeast of the I-410 loop. And like all good ghost stories, there are a few variations out there. The common thread of all of these tales is that sometime in the 1930s or 1940s, a school bus stalled on the tracks. An oncoming train couldn’t stop in time, and all of the children on board were killed. 

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