Eek! Are Tesla Cars Really Attracting Rats and Rodents with Soy-Based Wiring? | MotorBiscuit

New reports have shown what could be any car owner’s nightmare: some Tesla models are reportedly attracting rodents and rats. If that isn’t icky enough, there is some sound reasoning behind what could be causing this problem, leaving some Tesla owners a bit finicky when it comes time to get into their vehicles. The reports supposedly began with one woman’s report of a rat falling out of her Tesla glove compartment, and since then, many owners have also reportedly come forward with similar issues — and it might not be the first time we’ve heard about something similar.

Reports of rats leaves owners unsettled

Tesla Model 3 | Gao Yuwen, VCG, Getty Images

The NY Post recently released a terrifying story that recounts the tale of a Tesla owner named Sarah Williams of Manhattan who daily drives her 2018 Model 3 into the Bronx — which means as a commuter vehicle, there was no issue with the vehicle being stored long term, so seemingly no reason for any rodents to find a home here. She became aware of the situation when bringing her vehicle into the dealership in mid-may when her air conditioning stopped working, only to discover that there was a rat in the glovebox.

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