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Vehicle recalls are nothing new. Just about every vehicle manufacturer will experience one at some point. However, some vehicles are more subject to them than others. One of these vehicles is the Chevy Bolt EV. Along with experiencing manufacturing delays from the ongoing chip shortage earlier this year, it had a massive recall recently. In light of this, InsideEVs recently published an op-ed written by David Rea detailing the situation and his reaction to it. Read on to find out more about the recent recall and David Rea’s view on the whole situation.

2017 Chevy Bold | Getty Images

Overview of the Chevy Bolt EV recall

Recently, General Motors (GM) had to halt all production of Chevy Bolt EVs until further notice. Many drivers have had their vehicles spontaneously combust from faulty battery module issues. The company already had problems from the chip shortage earlier this year, which will set back Chevy’s EV progress even further. According to InsideEVs, “it’s the first 100% “full-fleet” safety recall of any mass-market EV” out there.

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