GEICO vs. Progressive: Everything You Need to Know

Are you currently deciding between GEICO vs. Progressive when shopping for auto insurance policies? These companies both get high ratings for their affordable premiums and expansive coverage options. Comparing quotes from both with the same coverage and deductibles can help you find the best rates. Use this comprehensive guide to see how these popular car insurance companies compare to one another in important areas.

Financial Strength and Customer Satisfaction

Both companies have a financial strength rating of Superior and reliability rankings of three out of five from J.D. Power and Associates. Progressive has an A+ customer satisfaction rating while GEICO has not been evaluated in this category.

Available Online and Mobile Tools

According to Bankrate, Progressive customers can take advantage of digital tools such as:

  • A rate comparison tool
  • A complimentary quote tool
  • A mobile app with claims on the go, roadside assistance requests, payment information, and digital ID cards
  • A Name Your Price tool to look for an auto insurance policy that fits your financial needs
  • Access to the Snapshot usage-based insurance (UBI) program, which monitors your driving and adjusts your rate according to your average mileage and safety level
  • The Flo Chatbot virtual assistant, accessible through Facebook Messenger
  • Google Home access to virtual assistance

    Online and mobile offerings from GEICO include:

    • The ability to use voice commands with Google Home, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa
    • Direct connection with a Lyft driver through the app if you need a ride
    • Automatic vehicle maintenance reminders for your car
    • A UBI-based tool called DriveEasy that offers savings of up to 20 percent, according to NerdWallet
    • A free rate comparison and quoting tool
    • Mobile app with integrated Carfax, roadside assistance, claims management, and digital proof of insurance

      Average Cost of Coverage

      Progressive charges an average of $493 a year for minimum coverage and $1419 for full coverage, according to Bankrate. GEICO has slightly lower average annual rates of $363 for minimum coverage and $1325 for full coverage.

      Drivers who have below-average credit tend to save money with GEICO compared to Progressive, based on data from The Zebra. If you have an outstanding credit score above 800, you can save an average of $256 with GEICO compared to Progressive rates for customers who have comparable credit scores.

      Average annual premiums for each company by credit score level are:

      • Exceptional score of 800 to 850: $1320 from Progressive, $1064 from GEICO
      • Very good score of 799 to 740: $1432 from Progressive, $1120 from GEICO
      • Good score of 739 to 670: $1708 from Progressive, $1485 from GEICO
      • Fair score of 669 to 580: $2127 from Progressive, $1358 from GEICO
      • Very poor score of 579 to 300: $3602 from Progressive, $2051 from GEICO

        GEICO also offers more affordable rates for most motorists who have below-average driving histories. Consider getting a quote from the company if you have been arrested for driving under the influence, received a ticket for a moving violation, or had an at-fault accident in the past several years.

        The Zebra lists these average annual rates from Progressive and GEICO, respectively, for drivers who have had common infractions:

        • $2201 and $2550 after DUI arrest
        • $2245 and $1580 after an at-fault accident with less than $1000 in damages
        • $2720 and $1857 after an at-fault accident with more than $1000 in damages
        • $2091 and $1395 after a speeding ticket
        • $2457 and $2238 after a reckless driving ticket

          Teen drivers pay more for auto insurance than other age groups because of the higher risk of accidents for new drivers. Comparing rates can help you find the best costs even if you are younger than 25.

          The Zebra reports that the average adolescent driver saves $4740 on an annual policy with GEICO compared to Progressive. These are the average annual premiums by age group from each insurer:

          • 60s: $1403 from Progressive and $1065 from GEICO
          • 50s: $1542 from Progressive and $1160 from GEICO
          • 40s: $1644 from Progressive and $1189 from GEICO
          • 30s: $2287 from Progressive and $1218 from GEICO
          • 20s: $2287 from Progressive and $1438 from GEICO
          • Teens: $8248 from Progressive and $3508 from GEICO

            Available Roadside Assistance

            If you buy a roadside assistance policy with Progressive, you can receive emergency gas, labor at the scene of a breakdown or an accident, locksmith service, electric car battery charges, battery jumps, flat tire services, and winching and towing. Most states require drivers to carry both collision and comprehensive coverage to sign up for Roadside Assistance with Progressive. Progressive customers who enroll in Roadside Assistance have access to a toll-free 24/7 customer service number , states Motor1.

            Motor1 also notes that Progressive is superior to GEICO in this category because of its diverse roadside offerings. GEICO’s emergency roadside service program covers flat tires, dead batteries, extra gas, locksmith services, and tows. You can request service 24/7 through the insurance company’s mobile app, which has a GPS locator so the mechanic can find your vehicle.

            Additional Insurance Products

            Both GEICO and Progressive also offer policies for your motorcycle, RV, rental home, travel trailer, homeowner’s insurance, life insurance, condo insurance, boat insurance, and mobile home insurance. These insurers write policies in all 50 states and provide coverage that fits the needs of Uber and Lyft drivers.

            Available Discounts

            Both insurance companies offer discounts for being a good student, insuring multiple policies or vehicles, having vehicle safety features, installing anti-theft devices and anti-lock brake systems, maintaining a good driving record, and taking a defensive driving course. GEICO offers additional discounts for belonging to an affiliated club or alumni group, being on emergency deployment, or being a federal employee or member of the military.

            Progressive offers discounts for being a homeowner, enrolling in a telematics program, staying with the company for many years, or sharing a policy with a teen driver.

            Check this out if you need additional information, resources, or guidance on car insurance.


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