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Turns out, you can daily drive a sports car. Well, at least you can daily drive a Carbon Schwartz Metallic 2004 BMW M3. Now, I’m here to report that daily sports car life is a possibility, and may not require the litany of sacrifices it once did, with some exceptions. Moreover, you used to have to be a total masochist to drive anything remotely sporty daily. Now, advances in modern tech and suspension have made it more than possible to daily drive a sports car. I promise.

Sacrifices are still (somewhat) necessary to daily drive a sports car

2002 BMW M3 Coupe | National Motor Museum via Getty Images

However, dear reader, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that it’s all sunshine and roses. Sports cars can often be unreliable. My new-to-me M3 will certainly require more attention than a new Honda Civic. Of course, this is to say nothing of practicality. For ages, the middle ground in the sporty vs. practical argument has been sports sedans or hot hatches. Argaubly, this is still true.

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