Is It Illegal to Use Your Hazard Lights in the Rain? | MotorBiscuit

Picture this: it’s absolutely pouring rain as you’re driving along. You can barely see ahead of you, even with your headlights on. So you think to yourself “maybe I should flip on my hazards,” that way others can see you, or understand you’re driving slow. But depending on what state you live in, using your hazard lights in the rain may be illegal.

Cars Driving Through Heavy Rain With Hazard Lights On | Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Which states is it illegal to use your hazard lights in?

There are only a handful of states where using your hazard lights while in motion is permitted, regardless of the weather. If you live in Alaska, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico, or Rhode Island, it’s illegal to use them while driving, no exceptions. Florida was recently removed from that list, allowing driver’s to use their hazards in the rain.

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