J.D. Power: 2021 Ford Ranger vs. Toyota Tacoma Midsize Truck Battle | MotorBiscuit

The Ford Ranger and Toyota Tacoma are both leaders in the midsize truck category. J.D. Power ranked the 2021 Ford Ranger and 2021 Toyota Tacoma in a head-to-head battle, but did either pickup truck steal the crown?

J.D. Power on the 2021 Ford Ranger benefits

2021 Ford Ranger | Ford

J.D. Power noted that the 2021 Ford Ranger and Toyota Tacoma are all about compromise. The mid-size nature of the trucks means these aren’t as powerful as the full-size competitors, but that also means the price isn’t full-size either. Another benefit is that the smaller trucks are easier to maneuver when parking and driving. The Ford Ranger is a fresh take on the old Ford truck, and it shows it.

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