Porsche Tribbiani Edition Celebrates Friends Reunion With Boxy 911

The much-hyped Friends Reunion is coming out today on HBO Max and Porsche’s social media team has unexpectedly decided to mark the occasion in a rather funny way. Harkening back to the episode titled “The One with Joey’s Porsche,” the image depicts a Porsche cover on top of dozens of boxes vaguely reminiscent of a 911’s shape – just like in the show.

Episode 5 from season 6 aired back in October 1999 and briefly featured a 996-generation Carrera Cabriolet equipped with the hardtop. Joseph Francis Tribbiani Jr, played by former Top Gear star Matt LeBlanc, stumbled upon a set of key Porsche keys near Central Perk in New York City. Rather than putting them in the lost and found box, he seeks to find the sports car and begins to ask around to find out who owns it.


He then realizes people – who presume it’s his car – treat him differently and decides to go full-on Porsche mode. Eventually, the rightful owner arrives at the scene and drives off in his fancy performance machine from Zuffenhausen. In a desperate attempt, Joey buys a car cover and stuffs it with boxes to give the illusion of a sports car silhouette. His secret is shortly exposed by a clumsy bystander falling down on the alleged 911 during an attempt to catch a football.

Many, many years later, Matt LeBlanc went on to review the 911 R for an episode of Top Gear for season 23.

As a final note, the droptop 996 wasn’t the only Porsche to make an appearance during Friends as in season 7, episode 13, Monica E. Geller – played by Courteney Cox – received her father’s 1985 911 Targa.

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