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We’ve all heard the sales pitch. “Would sir or madam like to select insurance coverage on their vehicle today?” Now, it’s time to look into the pros and cons of rental car insurance, and their effect on your rental car’s safety, as well as its effect on your wallet. There’s much to consider when it comes to rental car insurance, from different types of coverage to the cost, and even a little “legalese” mixed in.

Rental car insurance can save you a lot of hassle

Rideshare vehicles may be the future of car rentals | Mikhail Japaridze via Getty Images

First, it’s important to discuss, on a very general level, how rental car insurance works. Basically, it functions just like your own car insurance policy. You pay a flat fee upfront, usually based on the value of the vehicle and your driving record, and in exchange, the insurance company comes to your rescue should something happen to the vehicle. Ideally, it never does, and that money is spent on nothing but your own peace of mind, or a candy bar. You choose.

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