Space Junk Is Clogging up the Sky, and Could Be Dangerous. | MotorBiscuit

Ever since the Russians shot Sputnik into space back in 1957, rocket boosters and space junk has been collecting stardust in the night sky. And while we’re not at Wall-E levels of satellites in orbit just yet, we get closer each day. Not only that, but the abundance of space junk is and potentially dangerous. And if we don’t start cleaning up, we may never make it to the far reaches of space again.

Diagram of Space Junk in Low Earth Orbit | NASA

How much space junk is up there right now?

SpaceX pioneering the reusable rocket may offset the amount of space junk floating around in the future, but we may already be in too deep. According to NASA, there are approximately 3,000 defunct satellites, 23,000 pieces of debris larger than a softball, half a million pieces of debris the size of a marble, and 100 million tiny metal flecks about a millimeter long.

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