Spotify Is Giving Away A Useless Device For Cars Called Car Thing

Spotify, one of the world’s leading audio platforms, has introduced a new device specifically for road users. It’s conveniently called the Car Thing and it’s practically a separate Spotify player that’s dedicated to the platform, which you can then mount and subsequently leave in your car. Think of it as a car technology that’s dedicated to music playing. Wait, that already exists, right?

Now, before you raise your pitchforks in protest of the inexistent need for this device on Earth (hey, your phone has a Spotify app, right?), let it be known that the company is giving the device away for free, sans shipping. Sounds good?

The Car Thing actually needs a smartphone with a data connection. In order to use it, you need to plug it in (for power), then connect your phone to the Car Thing via Bluetooth. Your smartphone then needs to connect to the head unit, either via Bluetooth or an auxiliary connection. Simple? Not really.

But one of the few benefits of the Car Thing is that you can leave it inside your car as you go. It’s also dedicated to your Spotify Premium account, so it knows your listening habits, ergo, a more intuitive use. It also has four preset buttons that you can set, as well as a voice command function.

Then again, do we really need a separate device for music these days?

But seriously, one important usage for the Car Thing would be for those who own older cars that don’t have Apple Carplay or Android Auto yet, or even those that don’t even have Bluetooth connectivity. Having a Car Thing could potentially lessen the chances of you fiddling with your phones just to find the right playlist, which can potentially lead to fewer accidents related to distracted driving. 

For now, the debate for the Car Thing’s importance is a moot point as Spotify is giving it away to Premium users in the US. It’s also on an invite-only basis, which means it’s still probably in its beta phase. If it pushes to the mainstream, the device will cost $79.99.

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