Strict Ferrari Rules You Should Never Break if You Want a New Ferrari | MotorBiscuit

A Ferrari is many car enthusiasts’ dream car. But sadly, it’s a dream that will never be realized thanks to the sticker price. But even the wealthy might find it difficult to score a limited edition, as it takes more than cash to snag one of these iconic cars. In fact, clients must obey some strict rules if they want a shot at purchasing a rare model hot off the assembly line in Maranello.

You have to play by these rules

Ferrari LaFerrari | Martyn Lucy/Getty Images

If you thought you could walk into a Ferrari dealership and haggle for a better deal like you would for a Toyota or even a Porsche, think again. Ferrari has a lot of hoops to jump through if you want one of these gorgeous sports cars, and failing in even one area means you might never own one. The first step is a background check.

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