The Electric Lucid Air Has Incredible Legroom and Your Other Questions, Answered

Q: My husband has a reservation for this car. I just want to know when in the hell will it be available for me to purchase it! What is the hold up?? I can’t wait to get a new car and all of this waiting is killing me! — Sylvia, via email

A: Depending on which Air model your husband reserved, Edson said deliveries will start in descending trim order starting in “the second half of 2021” (he wouldn’t be more specific than that). First will be the limited Air Dream Edition, followed by the Air Grand Touring, then the Air Touring, and finally the base Air model. But, “by the end of 2022, everything will be available,” Edson said.

Q: Why launch with a luxury sedan when luxury SUVs are outselling sedans by increasing amounts? It sounds like they developed a great technology that allows the car to communicate with multiple cellular carriers and connect to the carrier with the strongest signal. Will they allow buyers to use the car as a wifi hotspot? Elon Musk indicated that Tesla was partnering with other companies to use the Tesla Supercharger network. Any chance that includes Lucid? If not, does Lucid plan on doing anything to contribute to fast charging infrastructure (beside making more cars that need to use it)? — Atlas80

A: Jenkins, and by extension Lucid, both believe the “luxury ticket of entry” is still the sedan. Jenkins in particular thinks the SUV-craze is a fad and will ebb away, just like the station wagon and minivan fads did before it. With a sedan, there are handling and performance advantages. Plus, a sedan is way more aerodynamic than an SUV, which helps enable Lucid to put down those massive estimated range claims. And it offers a more impressive way for Lucid to show off its interior space. Essentially, a sedan is the way Lucid can put its best foot forward.

And, yes, the car can be used as a WiFi hotspot.

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