The Ferrari 812 Competizione Makes 819 HP and Revs to the Sky

Ferrari has introduced even more extreme versions of the 812 Superfast: the Ferrari 812 Competizione and its Targa-top twin, the Competizione A. If you take away just one fact about these cars today, it should probably be the fact that their 6.5-liter V12 produces 819 horsepower and revs to a frankly ridiculous 9,500 rpm. That makes them both the most powerful and highest-revving Ferrari road cars ever. For reference, that’s 30 hp and 600 rpm more than the so-called Superfast and I’m a little disappointed Ferrari didn’t call this car the 812 SuperDuperfast instead.

To create the Competizione, Ferrari took its masterpiece of a V12 and rebalanced the crankshaft, gave it new valve timing, redesigned the pistons, redesigned the intake, fitted 40 percent lighter titanium connecting rods, threw on a new exhaust system, and, no joke, quite literally sprinkled it with diamonds, covering the piston pins and cams with a diamond-like carbon (or DLC, as Ferrari has abbreviated it) coating that apparently reduces friction. Alas, my disappointment presents itself once again over the fact that Ferrari did not manage to make unicorn-blood-infused motor oil a requirement on this car. 

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