The Jay Leno Daily Driver Reveal: Commuting In An Electric Vehicle For A Decade | MotorBiscuit

The most famous car collector in the world is Jay Leno. Comedian and retired Tonight Show host, Jay Leno, owns 286 vehicles all-told. He is the patron saint of quirky, seemingly unlovable examples of the internal combustion engine. He has also restored some of the largest gas-guzzlers ever made. Recently, he revealed the Jay Leno daily driver. You may be surprised to learn Jay Leno has been daily driving electric vehicles for a decade.

Jay Leno bought a 2011 Chevy Volt For his daily driver

Jay Leno and his Chevrolet Volt | Dan MacMedan/Chevrolet News/Getty Images

After ordering a Chevy Volt, Jay Leno took delivery of his hybrid on December 12th, 2010. The little plug-in hybrid offered a forty-mile electric range before its gasoline motor had to kick in. But, here’s the rub, Leno rarely drove forty miles in a day.

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