The Worst EVs of All Time Are Also Some of the Smallest | MotorBiscuit

Many of the best electric cars built today take the shape of SUVs or long sedans, with some budget hatches sprinkled in. But on the opposite end of things, some of the worst EVs ever made are ridiculously small. Dismal range, little practicality, and awful designs are all packed into the smallest shells possible. These EVs were genuine attempts to make cheap electric cars, but missed the mark in one way or another.

The Sebring-Vanguard Citicar SV48 was a cheap, cheese wedge electric car

Citicar SV48 | Eric Kilby

One can cut the Citicar SV48 some slack considering it was built in the 70s, but the sketchy build quality isn’t hard to spot. The sharp edges riveted together like an old steamliner and general cheese wedge aesthetic makes it an odd and ugly duckling.

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