This Bonkers Track Tire Test Is The Most Detailed We’ve Ever Seen

Tires are the most important part of your car. Tires allow you to transfer engine power to the ground, improve handling, and allow your brakes to stop your car. Your set of tires is the only part of your that’s supposed to touch the ground which makes them the critical link that transfers all the engineering of your car into motion. To see which track tire is the best for your car, Youtuber Tyre reviews has a comprehensive test of eight different track tires.

What makes a tire good? Well, there’s the usually quantitative measurable data like grip numbers, lap times, and wear resistance that helps you judge a tire purely by the numbers. Then, there are quantitative data like how predictable the tire is, how does it feel as it wears, and how confidence-inspiring is the tire setup.

It can be difficult to judge exactly what tire is the best tire without a very comprehensive test which is why this study by Tyre Reviews is so sensational. It not only tests eight of the top track-focused tires, but it also utilizes multiple sets that are used in different stages of the testing which helps to level the playing field as the track temperatures change, track grip shifts and driver comfort increases.

The resulting test is a remarkable look into the world of track tires that are discussed like fine wines rather than simple pieces of rubber that spend their lives on dirty roads. This approach to tire appreciation is a reminder that if you’re really looking to improve the performance of your car, you should spend your money on a good set of tires before springing for a tune or new suspension components.

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