Watch a Tesla Model S Plaid Smoke a Hayabusa in a Drag Race

Despite their impressive specs, both can really only match the Tesla—and just barely. The Hayabusa manages to pull ahead in one of the roll races but only because it briefly jumped the start. In all of the other runs, despite having a considerably better power-to-weight ratio, the Hayabusa can’t pull ahead.

The ZX-14R does a little better, but in a nutshell, nothing can beat the Tesla’s launch. The Kawasaki is at least able to pace the Plaid with a rolling start, but really it’s the way the two different drivetrains deliver power that makes the difference. The Tesla’s power delivery is much more constant and it isn’t as peaky as the bikes. There are also obviously no gears to change in the Tesla, which certainly helps.

These runs were not timed, but Edmunds claims it previously recorded the Model S Plaid completing a quarter-mile in just 9.4 seconds at 150.8 mph. That means these bikes are definitely in that range, especially the Kawasaki. That’s seriously fast for any vehicle. And even though these bikes didn’t outright crush the Tesla, they’re still extremely fast and obviously extremely dangerous.

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