Watch This Dude Fish The Tail Section Of An Anti-Tank Missile Out Of The English Channel

The missile found by @Nemo4Incognito likely came from the ranges at Lulworth Camp, a British Army base on the southern coast of Dorset, England that is home to the Armoured Fighting Vehicle Gunnery School and the Lulworth Ranges. The Gunnery school has been in use since 1918.

The Lulworth Ranges post updates about the live-fire exercises planned for each month, with the accompanying warning: “Do not enter the danger area when the range is in use, this is a danger to life.” The UK government even hosts an entire page devoted to notifying the public about when it is safe to visit military training ranges on public lands. 

The Lulworth ranges are not only right in the middle of a very popular tourist area, but tourists are also allowed to move freely through parts of those ranges at certain times. The War Zone’s Thomas Newdick says that “It used to be the case that there was a red flag, and you took your chances. I’m not sure now, but there are periodic road closures.”

The user who posted the video to Twitter has been getting plenty of flak on social media from people basically telling him he’s an idiot for touching anything that appears to be ordnance, unexploded (UXO) or otherwise. Injuries and deaths caused by the remnants of war are common throughout many parts of the world, but England’s issues with UXO mostly center around the leftover bombs dropped by the Luftwaffe on major cities like London or Portsmouth during the Blitz in WWII. Discovering parts of weapons from modern live-fire training or exercises is less common, but it does happen from time to time. Earlier this year, in fact, a target drone loaded with explosive countermeasures washed up on the beach in West Palm Beach, Florida. People surrounded it and even sat on it before it was hauled away by U.S. Air Force personnel. 

Anything that looks like a bomb or missile should be treated as one, even if it appears to be inert or has already exploded, as was the case with the NLAW tail section found in Lulworth. Even the chemicals and materials used in modern weaponry can be highly toxic, especially after being burned, damaged, or otherwise partially destroyed.

So yeah, if you see something that looks like it is part of a military munition, don’t pick it up, and notify the authorities.

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