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Whether you live in a house or an apartment building, a home charger makes owning an EV significantly easier. But there’s still a place for public EV charging stations, especially when it comes to alleviating range anxiety. Yet even as battery tech gets cheaper and EVs become more prevalent, the US’s charging infrastructure is struggling to keep up. However, it’s not just that the US needs more public EV chargers—it needs safer ones.

Access to free, functional public EV chargers remains a limiting factor

A public EV charging station in a Ralph’s supermarket parking lot in Monterey Park, California | FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

When it comes to public EV charger availability, the US is a little patchwork. True, Tesla’s Supercharger network is solid. And automakers like Volkswagen have invested in expanding the reach of third-party companies like Electrify America. Plus, Rivian and Jeep are rolling out EV charging stations in ‘wilder’ locations such as national parks. However, in wide swaths of the US, such as the Midwest, such stations remain too widespread for easy access.

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