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Electric cars come with a slew of new and exciting technology and features, but they also come with a bit of apprehension-inducing stress for some buyers. Consumers who have purchased gasoline-powered vehicles may feel a bit nervous about making the switch as they truly are such a different ownership experience — mostly in way of maintenance and repairs, as there aren’t as many moving parts that require constant attention as gasoline-powered engines do. Hybrids and electric vehicles also come with some new terminology, like MPGe and range, that is easy to understand once you know what all of it actually means.

What is MPGe?

An electric car stands at a charging station | Carsten Koall, picture alliance, Getty Images

When buying cars, many consumers are familiar with miles per gallon, mpg, but, as electric cars don’t use a liquid form of fuel, measuring consumption can’t be done quite the same. Nomenclature for electric vehicle purchase can be a bit confusing, leaving potential buyers feeling wary of their potential purchase or unclear of what each term genuinely means. To bridge the gap between mpg in gasoline-powered vehicles, electric cars are often presented with mile per gallon equivalent, MPGe.

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