What Is the Dent Repair Scam, and How Can You Avoid It? | MotorBiscuit

There’s no shame denting your car in a minor fender bender, I’ve done it many times before. In fact, I hang onto those dents like Mater from the Cars movies does. They’re somewhat sentimental, and remind me of certain lessons learned. They’re also expensive to fix, so watch out, because people will offer you “cheap dent repair” to make a quick buck.

Woman Inspecting Car for Damages or Dents | Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

What is the dent repair scam?

Imagine, if you will, that you’re in a parking lot about to get groceries. You get out of your car and begin walking the store when, suddenly, a guy walks up to you. “Hey, I saw your car needs repairs, I happen to work at a body shop and I’ll fix it for cheap while you’re shopping.” It’s a lucrative offer, no doubt, and extremely convenient. But be wary because nine times out of 10, this is the perfect setup for a scam.

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