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The things people focus on most when purchasing used cars are price and financing terms. After all, most people choose to buy a pre-owned vehicle to save money. However, you’ll end up spending a lot more cash in the long run if you ignore this single most important thing: high mileage from lots of city driving. Other than that, buying a used vehicle can be a wise investment. As more consumers begin purchasing new vehicles as the economy rises, those who know how to get a good deal on a used vehicle tend to have more alternatives.

Some major things to look out for when buying a used car

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It goes without saying that you should inspect a prospective used vehicle both inside and out. While looking for scratches and dents are common concerns, rust is more critical. Scratches and dents can be fixed easily, but more comprehensive bodywork is usually required to stem its spread when rust sets in. Significant damage should also be a cause for concern, as it’s likely a sign that the vehicle has been involved in a serious accident. Damage includes uneven body panels due to a bent frame or shoddy body repair work.

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