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No matter what you drive, your car, truck, or RV has a Vehicle Identification Number. It’s a long combination of letters and numbers that highlight where the vehicle was built, when it rolled off the line, and other information. But certain RVs come with not one, but two VIN numbers. But why would one vehicle need two identification numbers?

C Class Mercedes RV | Hauke-Christian Dittrich/picture alliance via Getty Images

Why do certain Motorhomes come with two VIN numbers?

The answer lies in how certain RVs are built. On the one hand, there are motorhome companies that design and build their own motorhomes from the ground up. And on the other, there are companies that buy a truck and frame only to build the motorhome around it. This happens rather frequently in your C Class RVs, which have Ford or GM products as the base vehicle. Class B camper vans, on the other hand, will likely have just one VIN, since you aren’t coachbuilding a separate shell, just stuffing things inside.

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