You Can Pay to Add Rusty Parts to a 2021 Land Rover Defender | MotorBiscuit

Having custom parts on an off-roader like a 2021 Land Rover Defender is extremely common. In fact, it might even be considered standard at this point. Niels van Roij Design is a European coachbuilding company known for all types of wild and creative conversions like the Ferrari station wagon. Its newest idea is offering custom parts for 2021 Land Rover Defenders, including rusty panels and trim pieces. 

NVRD rusted trim | DVRD

Would you pay to have someone rust your 2021 Land Rover Defender? 

NVRD coachbuilders added rusted panels to a 2021 Land Rover Defender

NVRD rusted trim | DVRD

“Relicing” or distressing has become an increasingly popular aesthetic from jeans to guitars, and now even cars. The rad rod builders spent decades using rusty salvaged parts without bothering to paint them out of practicality and budgetary reasons. 

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