Amber Heard Tells Story About What Happened When She Was Allegedly Comforting Johnny Depp’s Daughter Lily-Rose Depp

Amber Heard testified about a story that happened while in the Bahamas with Johnny Depp and his two kids, Lily-Rose and Jack.

While on the stand, Amber recalled back on July 9, 2013 she and Johnny were in the Bahamas and he allegedly turned violent during a ride on his yacht.

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Amber alleged that Johnny was “upset he had to sell the boat” and that he had been drinking. She claimed that he tried to hide his drinking from his kids by pouring alcohol into coffee cups. She also said that there was no “off button” when Johnny started drinking.

Amber went on to allege that as Johnny became visibly drunk, Lily-Rose, then 14, became “panicky” and upset by his behavior.

Johnny then allegedly half-playfully threw himself off the boat, in a sort of “dead fish” sort of way.

“It looked a little scary,” Amber said. “Not something somebody would do if they were completely okay.”

She then claimed that Lily-Rose started crying to the point that she was almost having a “panic attack,” before she allegedly started asking Amber questions about Johnny.

“I’m holding her and comforting her,” Amber claimed. “Johnny comes in and within a few seconds I realize that he shifted his attention on me and then he seemed very angry. He asked Lily-Rose to leave. Lily-Rose leaves, looks at me crying. And Johnny starts accusing me of kind of telling on him and calling him a drunk in front of his kids.”

Amber went on to say that she denied “telling on him,” adding that it wasn’t her place to tell his kids about his drinking.

“I was actually trying to protect Johnny,” Amber claimed.

Amber then alleged that Johnny turned violent.

“He slams me up against the side wall — we were in the bedroom this whole time — up against the wall of the cabin and slams me up by my neck,” Amber alleged. “And holds me there for a second and tells me he could f–king kill me and that I was an embarrassment.”

Find out some other bombshells that were alleged by Amber in court yesterday.

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