Dove Cameron Says She Had a ‘Highly Emotional’ Response Over ‘Boyfriend’s Impact on Fans

Dove Cameron is getting deep about her recent hit song, “Boyfriend”, which is still blowing up on TikTok.

During a conversation on the Spout podcast, the 26-year-old singer opened up about her hopes for the track to become the new queer anthem.

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Of the song, Dove explained that “Boyfriend” was a song she penned “last year, and we wrote it based on an experience that I had in New York that one day maybe I’ll go into in a book or something. It was a real life experience. It was potentially going to go in the EP. It was potentially going to never be released, and I just started putting it on, ticked off.”

She went on, saying that she didn’t expect the track to blow up like it did.

“I kind of called it to the rear like, ‘Oh, I think it’s resonating with people because it’s really hard to make a queer anthem that feels radio friendly and that is kind of
cross genre,” she said. “To me, ‘Boyfriend’ is important because it’s a song that could easily be about a straight relationship, but it’s not. I could hear a boy singing it about a girl, girl singing about a boy, and I’m obviously queer, and it’s really important for me to represent that in my music.”

Dove added that the track is “highly emotional to me that like there was no engineering around this, there was no big noise made. There was no promo, there was no planning. It was like a total total natural thing from like the internet, and it resonated naturally with people. So to have something that feels so interpersonal to me and so romantic and so straight off the pages of my journal is something that resonates with people. In that way, it’s emotional.”

She also shared that she’s “elated that this song is having the impact that it is and to to be the one to, you know, hopefully be singing this live soon and be speaking to people about their their most personal experiences with their sexuality.”

“It’s really, really magical. I’ve always felt like a big sister in life, and now I feel so protective of my own fans and really honored to be taking up this space.”

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