‘Gilmore Girls’ Star Keiko Agena Wishes She ”Had More of a Friendship” With Alexis Bledel

Any Gilmore Girls fan knows that Lane and Rory were BFFs onscreen, but apparently, Keiko Agena and Alexis Bledel weren’t exactly sharing traveling pants once cameras stopped rolling. Which is a bummer, but hey! The show is fiction, after all (she tells herself while crying into a pillow).

Speaking on Scott Patterson’s podcast, I Am All In With Scott Patterson (via Us Weekly), Keiko explained that she wishes she and Alexis had been better friends. And FYI, nope, there wasn’t any drama—they simply weren’t that close!

“I wish we had more of a friendship,” she said. ”That was probably a lot to do with me not making as much of an effort as I should have.”

Keiko continued, “I also think I was so—worried is the wrong word—but, you know, they worked so many hours that their off-set time, I thought, was so precious to them. I didn’t want to insert myself into that time of their lives.”

Jimi CelesteGetty Images

But their offscreen dynamic didn’t change Lane and Rory’s onscreen vibes, and Keiko said Alexis is a “wonderful person.”

“Alexis is such a wonderful person, and I do think that as soon as I met her as a person you just recognize that she’s an intelligent, special individual. And I think that there’s part of me that felt protective of her right away as a fellow actor and someone that recognizes how unique of a person she is. So maybe some of that is just instinctual. I think that probably shows in how our characters related to each other—that we liked and respected each other right off the bat.”

Love this! And would also love everyone to come back together for another reunion show, just saying.

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