Hi Hater: #RHOA’s LaToya Blasts ‘Male Escort’ Allegations After Her New Boyfriend’s Pictured With Jeffree Star

LaToya Howard is defending her new boyfriend against some super messy allegations. As previously reported the #RHOA newbie is in (very) happy cardio coupledom with personal trainer Von Rhe’.

Von, 28, and LaToya, 34, recently made their relationship ALL the way official with matching #Baestie tattoos and YouTube videos on their shared channel about their love story.

Despite them being happy together, the two have been hit by rumors that Von is either gay or bisexual and a “male escort.” The allegations were fueled in part by LaToya’s ex-husband Adam Ali who recently got into a super nasty “he-said/she-said” with his ex-wife after she claimed he was emotionally, and physically abusive during their marriage.

After denying LaToya’s claims, Adam made a video with “receipts” calling out LaToya’s boyfriend for being an alleged clout chaser and escort who sleeps with rich men for money. Adam claimed that he urged Von to “expose his lover” before the trainer allegedly made an interesting comment about social media influencer Jeffree Star. 

“I’ve been sparing you, I’ve been seeing you paper cutting me for a long time,” said Adam. “I’m still asking him, who is your lover? And he’s like Jeffrey’s a bad b*tch! At that moment I don’t know who Jeffrey is, I’m just confused about the conversation. I just walk right out. Homie, long story short, you’re a male escort. You’ll do anything for clout,” he added.

“You’re really trying to play this daddy, big daddy, stepdaddy role way too fast. Keep your hands away from my child, my daughter. Don’t play with me.”



Following that, social media sleuths further tried to connect the trainer to Jeffree with pics of him allegedly on Jeffre’s jet and at the influencer’s house. Von has denied being gay or bisexual and noted that he has two children with two different women.

Now on Kandi Burruss’ YouTube series “Speak On It” LaToya’s clapping back and calling Adam’s alleged “proof” and “receipts” “fake.”

According to LaToya Jeffree was just one of her man’s many clients.

“First of all — Von trained Jeffree Star,” LaToya told Kandi. ‘He’s in the limelight, okay? He is in the LGBTQ community, Von trains many gay people. He also has many gay friends. What’s the problem with that? I don’t understand — there’s no problem with that. So why is Adam making that an issue?”

She also added that if her boo did have a previous relationship with a man it wouldn’t bother her.

“Why is he making it seem like the guy I’m speaking to is gay? And even if he had a gay history, okay — so what? That’s something that I have to deal with, not you or anybody else and in fact I would be okay with [that] because Von and I have an amazing connection.”

“So it’s like why is he so concerned with the men that I have in my life,” LaToya added. “I don’t care what he has going on in his life — it’s all about the kids. Whatever’s in the media about Von is false. He did train Jeffree Star that is true. Is he gay, no.”

This is the second time LaToya’s shaken off allegations about her new man. In a previous YouTube video, she said that Adam warned her to “Keep that gay guy, that bhatti boy away from my children”, which she took offense to.

“I feel like Adam doesn’t know him through a hole in the wall, you don’t know what he has going on in his personal life,” said LaToya. “I was quite upset about that. This guy that I’m currently seeing, he has a lot of gay friends. […]. So I’m actually quite offended for the LGBTQ community that Adam would say such things. Let’s just say for example this guy has a gay history, what doe that even matter?  At the end of the day that’s something I’d have to go through and that’s something quite frankly that I’m okay with.”


This whole thing is super messy.

What do YOU think about LaToya defending her new boo???

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