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E! News: What was your background before you entered the content creation world?

Tinx: I’ll try to be brief but, you know me, I love to chat. I’m originally from London, and I grew up there my entire life until I went to college, but I have American parents. I went to a very strict, all-girls British school and, in high school, I always watched a lot of The O.C. and Laguna Beach. I was like, ‘Gosh, these people in California really have that figured out. They seem to be having a great time. I really want to go to college in California.’ I applied to mainly California schools and got into Stanford and, as soon as I got to California, I was like, ‘I love it here’. After school, I lived in San Francisco for four years working in fashion. I worked at Gap Inc., and then I worked at Poshmark, so I really thought I wanted to be in fashion. But the whole time I was working, as my side hustle, I was writing articles for Teen Vogue, Pop Sugar, Refinery 29. And that was when I was so happy. I would just have the biggest thrill when I was writing fun articles and I would get emails about them from women. I would write things like, ‘I went on a date with a new guy every week for a year and this is what happened.’ I’ve always loved being the human guinea pig, love to try funny things out. People need a brain break. They want to have a laugh and, I think, for me, being super honest with people and being vulnerable about my experience can make someone feel less alone. If we can share that common experience, then that’s the best. So then I thought, ‘Okay, I’ll go back to school and get my Master’s in journalism.’ I want to try living on the East Coast so I went to Parsons in New York City for fashion journalism.

I really did not settle in New York and it was also at this time that I realized I actually am not that into fashion. But I continued to write. I was the online editor for Modern Luxury for a while, so writing for Gotham and Hampton. I was writing tons of articles and I’m loving that side of things, but as soon as I graduated, I wanted to move back to California. I wanted to try L.A. because I felt like it may be the perfect mix of all the cities that I’ve lived in and I got here and continued to write and started to consult for brands and help them tell their stories because I realized that’s really also what I loved: storytelling.

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