Inside the Vibe Between Kourtney Kardashian and Amelia Hamlin at Scott’s B-Day

Soooo, Scott Disick just threw himself a huge birthday party during which gave away a big pile of Rolex watches (normal!), and yes: both his ex Kourtney Kardashian and his current girlfriend Amelia Hamlin showed up. And apparently things were slightly tense between Kourt and Scott—at least according to an E! News source who said they’re still dealing with some awkwardness.

“Kourtney will always be there for Scott no matter what their relationship is, but there is definitely still tension between them,” the source said. “They are great about putting it on for the kids and around the family. When they see each other, they are always cordial and you can tell Scott misses Kourtney a lot. Everyone knows Scott is still in love with her.”

Meanwhile, Kourtney and Amelia didn’t exactly hang at the party and have basically no relationship to speak of:

“Amelia was, of course, invited to his party but her and Kourtney do not necessarily have a relationship. Kourtney is cordial. There’s no bad blood but they just kept to themselves at the party. Kourtney doesn’t mind having her around. She’s just not looking to get close with her.”

“She’s very happy for Scott and wants him to be happy,” the source added. “Kourtney is very enthralled in her own relationship right now and wants the best for Scott so he stays on track.”

Kourtney’s appearance at Scott’s party comes amid a source previously telling E! News that “Scott has really distanced himself from Kourtney” and that “It’s uncomfortable for Scott to see Kourtney in a serious relationship, although he knew this day would come.” Meanwhile, another source (damn, these sources are working overtime) told the outlet that “they are barely speaking” because “it’s hard for [Scott] to see Kourtney in love with someone else.”

You love all the deets on celeb news. So do we! Let’s overanalyze them together.

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