Lorde Reveals the Meaning Behind New Song ‘Stoned at the Nail Salon’

Lorde is opening up about her new music.

The 24-year-old Solar Power star spoke to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe about her new track, “Stoned at the Nail Salon.”

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“So this is pretty much all Jack [Antonoff] just start playing everything. Playing bass, playing beautiful guitar, and then I arranged all the vocals. Had Phoebe [Bridgers], Clairo, and the boys come and sing. But yeah, it’s definitely one of the quietest, most introspective, and internal moments on the record, but I thought it was cool to start with ‘Solar Power’ and then to be like, ‘And also this,’” she explained of the making of the song, and its release.

“I think Jack thinks that I don’t appreciate the song as much as I do. He’s like, “You know it’s really good, right? I’m like, ‘Ah, I do, I do,’ but you’re right about being a vessel for it because it’s a weird song to even talk about. It’s about the passage of time, which is a weird thing to even think about and be in conversation with. But thinking about me at 16, my parents getting older, all these big, heavy things really confronting my mortality, I split off when I think about this song, but I am proud of it,” she continued.

“I mean, it’s such a thing you do when you get off tour. All of a sudden you’ve got nothing to do. You’re around, and yeah, there were a lot of, I guess, I’m going to get stoned and pick up my dry cleaning. I guess, I’m going to get stoned and get my nails done,” she went on to say.

“No one needs anything from me at home, and that’s when I’m like, ‘Am I okay? Is everything okay?’ And that’s what the song was born out of, was that insecurity of feeling like, ‘Oh, no one’s seen me in ages. I haven’t posted a picture of myself looking cool.’ Like I’m being left behind, and obviously I leaned hard into that in the years that followed and it’s my joy to be left behind now, in a way.”

She also explained what her song “Solar Power” is about.

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